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The Stroh Violin – Composing Gloves

“This is, like, a really viable library; you can create some pretty cool music with this…this is an instrument that’s so good, it really is quite fun to play…this library gets a freakin’ ten out of ten; this is an amazing free thing…I can’t even believe this, like…just wow.”

Composing Gloves (07/16)

The 88E – DixonBeats

“…the 88E piano is so dark-sounding – very haunting sounding…although you can use this in, like, dark melody production, I can hear this predominantly being in movie scores, and things like that.”

DixonBeats (03/22)

The 88E – Simeon Amburgey

“This is a one-of-a-kind piano; nothing else on the planet like that…just huge…it’s got just such an unusual punch to it; it’s crazy…it’s just incredibly unique…and the effects just really take it to another level…thanks to Impact Soundworks and Mattias (Krantz) for coming together again to give us just another one-of-a-kind, fabulous experience.”

Simeon Amburgey (03/22)

Bass Sculptor – BenoniStudio

“It’s not just your kicks, not just your bass, but also guitar, piano, strings; you could even try it with vocals, if you want. Throw some subharmonic generation on that, and create a cool effect. Or even use it for sound design!”

BenoniStudio (02/22)

Tokyo Scoring Strings – StrongMocha

“Tokyo Scoring Strings is the answer to any composer’s dreams of having a world-class strings library in their arsenal. It’s also perfect for those who’ve never used such an instrument before because it has everything from deep-sampled playing techniques and expressive scripting that will take care of all the work of creating the perfect sound for you…not limited to just movie soundtracks or anime themes, as they could also fit well with anything from jazz, rock & roll, or even heavy metal!…The library is so much more than I ever could’ve imagined. It does seem like a magical palace, and it’s perfect for people who love to compose and produce.” (5/5 stars)

Thorsten Meyer (StrongMocha)

Fredonia Grand Organ – Simeon Amburgey

“The thing about this particular organ library is the fact that you have the option to turn on and off individual stops…it’s got a really beautiful sound to it…they’ve given you just so much flexibility with this organ here.”

Simeon Amburgey (10/21)

Kageyama Taikos – Sample Library Review

“As a working composer, for $99, this is an absolute bargain. It’s not massive, huge taikos and that’s all it can do; yes, as I say, you can layer all of these and use the ten velocity layers to create really big ensembles if you want to, but you have the option of going really really small, really delicate, really intricate. And that is what I love about this instrument. So for me, if you’re looking for some world percussion, and taikos in particular, played by a world-renowned percussionist, this is a fantastic purchase.”

Sample Library Review (12/21)

Testimonial – Yasunori Nishiki (Octopath Traveler)

“It sounds exactly like what I’m used to hearing, Muroya Strings x Sound City x Mitsunori Aizawa! The staccato and pizzicato reverberation in particular gave me a sense of Sound City’s unique reverb, and I felt like I was in the Sound City control room. The sound definitely has the sense of Japanese strings and studio, making it easy to use for any kind of music. I believe this library delivers the sound of Japan to the world!”

Tokyo Scoring Strings – Kevin Kuschel

“But when it comes to smaller section-sized string libraries with a great legato, TSS has become a valid, new contender here that also brings a whole lot of workflow power to the table. If you want that JRPG tone with a smaller, focused ensemble size, for telling musical stories in a big context, then TSS is for you.”

Kevin Kuschel (12/21)

Shreddage 3 Serpent – Solonoid Studio

“You can play really nice convincing lead solos on it or really heavy thick rhythms, and it just works, which is great. Everything is within reach, everything’s tweakable, so you’ll have lots of fun with it, and you’ll be making really smashing tracks that basically sound like real guitarists in no time. Because not everyone has a good sounding guitar that they can plug into their audio interface.”

Cory Pelizzari (Solonoid Studio)