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Top Reviews

Ventus Winds Bansuri – Music Nation

“Out of the box, this is one of the most playable and expressive instruments we’ve tested – it just sings right out of the keyboard…This is a very versatile sound, one I think can be used in many styles. Though it’s traditionally an Indian instrument, it sounds right at home on most other tracks I played against…A great sounding and easy to play instrument that would be a frequently used tool in any producers sample library collection.”

The Ninja (Music Nation)

Allura, Vol. 1 – Music Nation

“Allura is a wonderful showcase of Jillian Aversa’s sublime vocal timbre…Where Allura really shines for me is as part of a grand orchestral ensemble. With a good mix of well-chosen phrases supported by melodic singular lines, this library sounds absolutely phenomenal…Allura from Impact Soundworks is a fantastic sounding and simple instrument to use with a huge number of expertly performed and recorded samples [sic] phrases.”

Jacko Andrews (Music Nation)

Shreddage 3 Hydra – StrongMocha

“Obviously the library is going to appeal to those who like baritone and progressive metal, but you can use the guitar for other styles, like rock and jazz fusion…I could easily say this is one of the best 8-string guitar libraries available…it’s just a great all-around library, and it does what it’s supposed to.”

Cory Pelizzari (StrongMocha)

Charisma, Vol. 1 – Sample Library Review

“With beautiful phrases and instant cinematic vocals, Charisma is worthy of a place in any composer’s toolkit…absolutely love the high register…the core content behind these phrases, they’re so varied, they’re different, and they’re interesting…Charisma is a really, really, useful vocal instrument for all types of different scoring.”

Sample Library Review (04/22)

Shreddage 3 Stratus Free – Producer Hive

Once again, this boils down to Impact Soundworks’ impressive ability to capture the nuances of a live electric guitar performance…Having this much control over the sound of your guitar allows you to create an incredibly natural performance. If you’re looking for a way to incorporate electric guitars into your music inexpensively, this is a solid choice.”

Seth Huff (Producer Hive)

The Stroh Violin – Composing Gloves

“This is, like, a really viable library; you can create some pretty cool music with this…this is an instrument that’s so good, it really is quite fun to play…this library gets a freakin’ ten out of ten; this is an amazing free thing…I can’t even believe this, like…just wow.”

Composing Gloves (07/16)

The 88E – DixonBeats

“…the 88E piano is so dark-sounding – very haunting sounding…although you can use this in, like, dark melody production, I can hear this predominantly being in movie scores, and things like that.”

DixonBeats (03/22)

The 88E – Simeon Amburgey

“This is a one-of-a-kind piano; nothing else on the planet like that…just huge…it’s got just such an unusual punch to it; it’s crazy…it’s just incredibly unique…and the effects just really take it to another level…thanks to Impact Soundworks and Mattias (Krantz) for coming together again to give us just another one-of-a-kind, fabulous experience.”

Simeon Amburgey (03/22)

Bass Sculptor – BenoniStudio

“It’s not just your kicks, not just your bass, but also guitar, piano, strings; you could even try it with vocals, if you want. Throw some subharmonic generation on that, and create a cool effect. Or even use it for sound design!”

BenoniStudio (02/22)

Tokyo Scoring Strings – StrongMocha

“Tokyo Scoring Strings is the answer to any composer’s dreams of having a world-class strings library in their arsenal. It’s also perfect for those who’ve never used such an instrument before because it has everything from deep-sampled playing techniques and expressive scripting that will take care of all the work of creating the perfect sound for you…not limited to just movie soundtracks or anime themes, as they could also fit well with anything from jazz, rock & roll, or even heavy metal!…The library is so much more than I ever could’ve imagined. It does seem like a magical palace, and it’s perfect for people who love to compose and produce.” (5/5 stars)

Thorsten Meyer (StrongMocha)