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Top Reviews

Tokyo Scoring Drum Kits – Rock oN Company

“If you’re looking for a professional drum sound that is both versatile and shining with individuality, TSDK is a perfect choice showcasing Japan’s legendary drum sounds.”

-Scfed Ibe (Rock oN Company)

Rosette Fingerstyle – Future Music

“…the key to getting a realistic performance with Rosette is understanding the interface and making use of the many features available…Certainly, Rosette Fingerstyle is more than capable of excellent results – and the Taylor has been nicely captured – but to make the most of this instrument a little more work is required by the user.” (7.8/10)

Bruce Aisher (Future Music – February 2023)

Tokyo Scoring Drum Kits – Future Music

“This collection is not cheap, but it is large (75GB), of high quality, and with plenty of flexibility. I found TSDK excellent, and with enough sonic variation that I could see myself using it across a wide range of tracks. It can do clean contemporary jazz fusion as easily as dirty vintage rock drums, with the ability to act as the rhythmic core, or as a percussive addition, to electronic/hybrid styles. At the larger end it can also hold its own when outright bombast is required.” (9/10)

Bruce Aisher (Future Music – April 2023)

Shreddage 3 Fretless – Whipped Cream Sounds

“…[Fretless] is a meticulously modelled [sic] fretless bass VST that does what is says on the tin. But with realistic fretless emulations come the responsibility of managing velocity curves as a real bassist would…If you want a dedicated fretless bass that you’re willing to learn well to use across your projects, there’s nothing quite like the Shreddage 3 Fretless.”

Sai (Whipped Cream Sounds)

Tokyo Scoring Drum Kits – Computer Music JP

“This is absolutely a first-choice drum library for songwriting and music production, as it strikes a great balance between functionality and easy, stress-free usability. Since MIDI loops are not included, knowing a bit about drum programming will make it even more appealing.”

ゆにばす (Computer Music JP)

Shreddage 3 Fretless – Synth & Software

“[Shreddage 3 Fretless] is among the few [fretless basses] that nails the appealing expressiveness of the fretless bass, while successfully avoiding the static, snapshot-like effect that often plagues these sounds…It’s particularly effective for ballads, but it’s fully capable of up-tempo notefests too…there’s plenty here to please just about any fretless bass fan…I recommend Impact Soundworks Shreddage 3 Fretless without reservation.”

Marty Cutler (Synth & Software)

Riffage: Metal – Sample Library Review

“Riffage: Metal is perfect when you need to just throw in some really quick, heavy phrases…lots of thought has gone into how us as composers can use this…it sounds brilliant, but it’s so usable…If you make metal music, like full band productions; if you use it in orchestral music, which generally I do, so big orchestral productions with guitars, this is absolutely perfect for you.”

(Sample Library Review)

Shreddage 3 Stratus – Producer Sphere

“With Shreddage 3, Impact Soundworks have smashed down the barriers that separate sonic reality and the virtual world…Shreddage 3 Stratus is undoubtedly one of the most powerful, inspiring electric guitar libraries we’ve ever used, from its endless customization options to the phenomenal quality of the sounds themselves…should definitely be on your radar.”

(Producer Sphere)

Ventus Winds Bansuri – Music Nation

“Out of the box, this is one of the most playable and expressive instruments we’ve tested – it just sings right out of the keyboard…This is a very versatile sound, one I think can be used in many styles. Though it’s traditionally an Indian instrument, it sounds right at home on most other tracks I played against…A great sounding and easy to play instrument that would be a frequently used tool in any producers sample library collection.”

The Ninja (Music Nation)

Allura, Vol. 1 – Music Nation

“Allura is a wonderful showcase of Jillian Aversa’s sublime vocal timbre…Where Allura really shines for me is as part of a grand orchestral ensemble. With a good mix of well-chosen phrases supported by melodic singular lines, this library sounds absolutely phenomenal…Allura from Impact Soundworks is a fantastic sounding and simple instrument to use with a huge number of expertly performed and recorded samples [sic] phrases.”

Jacko Andrews (Music Nation)