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Top Reviews

Rhapsody Orchestral Percussion – Solonoid Studio

“Overall, this is a great sounding package for intimate scoring or more general scoring, and the provided sounds have great response and plenty of round-robins, so it’s a really handy library to have. It’s also very reasonably priced, which makes this…a top choice for your first orchestral percussion library or as a solid addition to your collection.”

Cory Pelizzari (Solonoid Studio)

Ventus Winds Pan Flutes – gearspace.com

“Ventus Ethnic Winds Pan Flutes sounds spectacular and is the perfect tool when pan flute instruments are required, it’s perfect for inclusion in orchestral scores and other projects…This collection has all the articulations and phrases to keep your workflow moving along. Highly recommended for musicians, producers, and sound designers who are looking to incorporate lively pan flutes into their compositions.” (5/5)

Synth Guru (gearspace.com)

Shreddage 3 Stratus – KeyboardKraze

“If you listen to the samples, you will find yourself actually thinking that your [sic] listening to some of your favorite classic metal bands…Shreddage 3 delivers a powerful punch with endless possibilities. If you’re a fan of metal guitars, give this plug-in a try.”

Chris Senner (KeyboardKraze)

Ventus Winds Shakuhachi – Producer Spot

“With “Ventus Shakuhachi” you get several times what you pay for, plus the promise of more similar, masterpieces where this came from…If you are like me, and like exotic instruments, produce lots of hip hop or ethnic tracks, or work in film or games, this is almost a must-have. It will make all your Shakuhachi dreams come true, and that without even straining your budget too much.”


Pearl Concert Grand – Computer Music

“Pearl Concert Grand sounds lovely and plays well, holding its own against competing pianos costing considerably more…There’s enough processing power to design any piano sound you’re likely to need.” (4.5/5)

CM Reviews (Computer Music)

Shreddage 3 Rogue – Sound on Sound

“Soundwise, IBZ succeeds in delivering a tight, bright and aggressive sound that’s suitable for metal, but rock musicians and sound designers shouldn’t disregard it. Reducing the preamp gain is all that’s needed to take the instrument from metal to general rock territory, for example.”

Tom Flint (Sound on Sound)

Archtop – Film and Game Composers

“Its lineage and pedigree aside, ISW simply know how to capture an electric guitar and in what manner it needs to translate for non guitar people, and those on a deadline not keen on hours of tuition. I mean seriously, for some libraries you spend so much time, it makes you wonder if it was more practical just learning the damn thing! Im [sic] not shocked that ISW pulled it off going by Shreddage.”

Russell Bell (Film and Game Composers)

Pearl Concert Grand – Film and Game Composers

“I was enjoying the simple act of playing it so much I almost forgot to test all of its features. There are many ways to customize its sound on your own, but I like that Impact Soundworks have crafted many presets, touch responses, mic positions for me to use. My 88 key Yamaha keyboard with GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) weighted action, together with Pearl, is the perfect combo for grand piano playing and recording.” (4.5/5)

Franto Kormanak (Film and Game Composers)

Ventus Winds Ocarinas – SoundBytes Magazine

“Every note in every layer is superbly recorded and pre-programmed, so there are never any level issues between different pitches…And let’s not forget to mention that legato notes are sampled at sufficient lengths, preventing those looping annoyances that some virtual wind instruments can have. I’m also glad that Impact Soundworks didn’t just cram in a whole bunch of melodic phrases and instead added some ‘flutters’ and thriller / banding phrases that can be used occasionally inside melody phrases, making this instrument even more realistic.”

Alex Arsov (SoundBytes Magazine)

Groove Bias – SoundBytes Magazine

“Groove Bias is distinct from a lot of other libraries I’ve tested aiming for the era and style. From the emphasis on close miking (only some have even an overhead or room) to the surprisingly deep sampling for the price, to the easy user interface, it offers something quite different…If you like your drums to feel, intimate, round and full of vibe with a heavy emphasis on close-miking, then this is a great library for you.”

Per Lichtman (SoundBytes Magazine)