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Top Reviews

Celestia – Film and Game Composers

“A plethora of sounds on offer, a diverse array of crafted presets, and boundless editing capabilities on the front end: Celestia defies genre and is a hell (or heaven?) of a lot of bang for the buck. Don’t let the name fool you, angels can still turn into demons!”

Meena Shamaly (Film and Game Composers)

Juggernaut – FellKlang Musik-Technik

“It’s doubtful that you’ll need to boost many of the presets, such is the richness of the sounds on which they’re based. […] Those unfamiliar with Northern English will find in the [demo] a timbral definition of the word ‘thrutch’. Subtle, Juggernaut is not […] So, the title offers good value for money […] and is very easy to use […] Many bass-oriented synths and hefty drum libraries have trundled through the Fell Surgery and Impact Soundworks’ impactful work is an example of one that truly plasters grin on face, all the better to loosen fillings with.”

Karl Foster (FellKlang Musik)

Sitar Nation – Electronic Musician

“Sitar Nation is easily the best collection of sampled sitars I’ve ever played. Given some of the sampled sitars we’ve all heard, that may sound like faint praise, but this set from Impact Soundworks pole-vaults over the others with playability, musicality, and complexity that place it alongside the best sampled instruments of any stripe. […] Sitar Nation is full of surprises, but the most pleasant one is the set’s overall musicality and expressiveness. If you’re looking for classical Indian instruments (and then some), [it’s] an outstanding value.” Marty Cutler (Electronic Musician)

Shreddage Drums – Electronic Musician

“The mixer’s effects are quite impressive and include Reverb, EQ, Transient Designer, Tape Saturation, and Compressor. The reverbs are particularly excellent. Overall, Shreddage Drums offers excellent sonics and smart features at a good price.”

Mike Levine (Electronic Musician)

Shreddage 2 – Computer Music

“Emulating guitar sounds is problematic – or it was until Impact Soundworks launched Shreddage. Version 2 for Kompact 5 is rammed full of chords and articulations to get the most authentic sound possible […] The quality of the samples here is really good. Although aimed at Rock and Metal, it lends itself to any genre. For those more accustomed to keys than strings, it is ideal with its impressive soundset and amount of control.”

CM Reviews (Computer Music)

Peak Rider – Computer Music

“A fresh take on sidechain-triggered dynamics processing, Peak Rider is a solid tool for mixing and creative purposes. […] Peak Rider is wonderfully transparent- sounding and easy to use, and we’re impressed by not only its nifty dynamics matching functionality, but also its strengths as a general compressor/expander and transient shaper.”

CM Reviews (Computer Music)

Juggernaut – Computer Music

“Sound-wise, Juggernaut is hard-hitting, high-impact and unapologetically ‘electronic’ […] what it has sounds very good, and the editable parameters and effects allow decent customization.”

CM Reviews (Computer Music)

Archtop – Computer Music

“The big sound of the hollowbody electric is at its best taking centre stage. Archtop captures this perfectly and is the sort of sampled guitar you could happily ‘feature’ in a track rather than hide in the mix. It’s beautifully presented, and its pristine DI sound serves as a fantastic foundation for a huge range of tones… A fabulous-sounding guitar captured to near-perfection with articulations and noises for supreme realism of performance.”

CM Reviews (Computer Music)

Bravura Scoring Brass – Blogcritics Magazine

“I really liked working with Bravura. You have a lot of flexibility over what you are creating… Even better are the sounds that you are able to create. By being able to control so many variables, you can tweak the sounds in just about any way possible. Also, the crispness of the sound is superb… The Chordmaker and Orchestrator also make this package very unique and give it even more flexibility.

“[…] I have worked with a number of other brass packages and Bravura really scores high on my list of favorites. For that reason I highly recommend it.”

T. Michael Testi (Blogcritics Magazine)

Shreddage Bass 2 – Bedroom Producers Blog

“The sound is very clean and clear, but with a warm low end even at the highest velocities. Being a bassist and having lots of recordings of myself laying around on my hard drive, I did some comparisons and this bass has a much nicer low end than my recordings. Only the C string is more about bright zing than warmth (as high C strings on 6-string basses normally are).

[…] A very nice, very versatile bass guitar library. As long as you’re not looking for accurate vintage sounds, Shreddage Bass 2 can do just about everything you might need a virtual bass guitar for.”

D Smolken (Bedroom Producers Blog)