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Impact Soundworks - Bravura Scoring Brass Review - Sound On Sound

"Boasting a highly effective true legato mode for all instruments, the library is technically excellent, with deep programming facilities lurking beneath the bonnet. The instruments (which play a decent range of common articulations and aleatoric effects) sound very nice indeed: ‘opulent’ is the word that springs to mind." (Sound On Sound)

Impact Soundworks - Pearl Concert Grand Review - Original Sound Version

"Even taking my high standards for realistic piano samples into account, I have to say that I’m thoroughly impressed by the Pearl Concert Grand. While I’ll always favor recording a real piano whenever possible, Pearl is a superb substitute that can deliver an equally dynamic and powerful performance. Considering how accurate and realistic [it] sounds, I think it is easily the next best thing to a studio recording... I would highly recommend grabbing this software. Pick up a copy and you’ll likely never need to buy another piano sample library." Michael Hoffmann (Original Sound Version)

Impact Soundworks - Rhapsody Orchestral Colors & Percussion Review - Designing Music Now

"If you are looking for an all in one complete orchestral sample library that won’t break the bank and still sound legitimate – look no further than Rhapsody Orchestral Colors and Rhapsody Orchestral Percussion.  These libraries were recorded in the same hall so it makes mixing a breeze.  Combined, these two libraries are a must-have for quick yet realistic-sounding orchestral compositions." (Designing Music Now)

Impact Soundworks - Shreddage Testimonial - Tom Salta / Halo: CE Anniversary, Tom Clancy's HAWX Series

Shreddage is one of the most flexible and playable virtual electric guitar instruments I've ever used. The fact that the sounds were recorded clean without any distortion breaks the mold from most other guitar libraries and allows me to dial in the exact sound I want.

Testimonial - Danny Baranowsky (Crypt of the NecroDancer, Binding of Isaac, Super Meat Boy)

"Super Audio Cart fills a niche in my chiptune arsenal that has been sorely lacking. The SNES-style patches sound so authentic, and the multi-chip patches bring usability and versatility I haven't seen in a chiptune instrument before."