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  • The 88E


    A wildly unique piano where every note has been tuned to E and played simultaneously! Featuring 30 dynamic layers, full-keyboard playability, and dozens of snapshots.

    %PRICE% $5

  • Hammer Klavier


    An avant-garde piano with a twist: its felt hammers were replaced by real metal hammers. Featuring a unique percussive voice and the dynamic responsiveness of a regular piano!

  • Fredonia Grand Organ


    A majestic full pipe organ with unparalleled depth and versatility. Featuring realistic crescendo and swell controls, and 39 individually sampled stops!

  • Modern Harpejji


    Authorized version of the inspiring Harpejji® K24, with 24 tapped bass & treble strings and super expressive tone.

  • Pearl Concert Grand


    Our flagship grand piano for KONTAKT PLAYER features a beautifully-recorded Yamaha C7 with four microphone perspectives.