Console: Modular FX Rack and Mixer

Console is Impact Soundworks’ custom-built, fully modular FX rack, pedal board, and channel mixer available for the first time in Shreddage 3 Stratus. Unlike our previous FX racks, which were locked into a specific set of 8 or fewer modules in a specific order, Console gives you total flexibility. You get 8 inserts per channel … Continued

Shreddage 3 Engine

Our next generation of virtual guitars and basses will be powered by a custom script & UI we’re calling the S3 Engine. Rather than a simple update to our Shreddage 2 guitars, we’re using all the tools available in Kontakt 5.7 to build an entirely new instrument engine from scratch. In the next few blog … Continued

Total Articulation Control Technology (TACT)

Since Impact Soundworks’ first library in 2007, we’ve committed to deep-sampling in all our virtual instruments. This means recording as many dynamics, round robins, articulations, and mic positions as necessary to best capture the essence of acoustic instruments and ensembles. Though it takes much longer, we think this approach gives the best possible results. The … Continued

Designing Archtop: Hollowbody Electric Guitar

To date, our rock/metal-focused electric guitar libraries Shreddage and Shreddage 2 have been the most popular instruments in the Impact Soundworks family. We’re extremely proud of these releases, particularly Shreddage 2, which pushes the limits of how realistic a virtual guitar can be. But while we’re thrilled with the aggressive, heavy tone of these libraries … Continued

Juggernaut: The Evolution of Cinematic Synthetic Drums

What’s in a name? With so many virtual instruments and sample libraries available for composers and producers today, it’s important to pick a name that is both descriptive and memorable. We decided to switch the name of the library previously known as “Cinematic Synthetic Drums PRO” to JUGGERNAUT: Cinematic Electronic Scoring Tools. Why the change, … Continued

Interface Design in CSD Pro

Creating a modern virtual instrument requires more than just great recordings, editing, and programming – the user interface and layout of the instrument can make the difference between a great library and an unusable one. This is especially true with libraries that have a great variety of sounds, such as Cinematic Synthetic Drums PRO. Together … Continued

The Sound Designers of CSD Pro

In our first blog post, we talked about some of the high-level concepts involved in making a single sound for a library like our upcoming Cinematic Synthetic Drums Pro. Now, we’d like to give you an introduction to some of the very talented and creative sound designers involved in crafting this behemoth. Jordan Fehr Jordan’s … Continued

Designing Cinematic Synthetic Drums

Welcome to the first post of the official Impact Soundworks blog! We hope to give you insight into the process of designing, recording, and editing sample libraries and virtual instruments.      The idea for the Cinematic Synthetic Drums (CSD) library was perhaps originally inspired by the soundtrack to Tron Legacy by Daft Punk. As … Continued