Neptune / VoxCaliber

“There’s even more to (Kazakh Dombra) that we’ve skipped over, like reverb, the cool legato hammer-ons, and more keyswitch instruments. The programming is very well done on this instrument, even more impressive for the price. For $29, it’s a no-brainer for composers and anyone looking for unique ethnic flair in his or her sample library.”

Jake Kaufman / WayForward

“Groove Bias is always my first choice for tracks that need serious amounts of funk and soul. For years, I’ve been wrestling with multi-gigabyte middle-of-the-road general purpose drum libraries, trying to treat them in various ways to get that ultra-punchy 70s/80s sound. This can’t be overstated: the way the samples are recorded in the first place matters as much as your mixing techniques, if not more. After 10 minutes with GB, I was already slamming out breakbeats that sounded like they were straight off an Earth Wind and Fire record. It’s amazing how well ISW captures that sound with almost no processing.”

“Easy to play, light on resources, and open sample mapping and editing give you a library that will find it’s way into your tracks, whether they be scratch tracks for a future live replacement, or they are a final, render-ready guitar part. (Shreddage) serves both purposes very well. 9.5/10″

Tom Shear / Waveformless

“There’s really not much I can fault here. There is an impeccable attention to detail and some very good programming behind these instruments that makes them hard to resist. (Shreddage) is especially worth a look if you need a rhythm guitar in your arrangements but lack a real player or the ability to play it yourself. Very convincing and very playable! 10/10″

Arthur Hendriks / Filmscore Media Netherlands

“I recently composed music for the company GP-Elite, who provides agility training for the racing circuit Zandvoort Netherlands. For this video, I used Shreddage X to emphasize the aggression of the white Lotus Exige. The library worked very well, and the end result was each to achieve. Impact Soundworks did a great job on this.”

Mike Worth / Play Eternal

“Ever since I purchased Impact Steel, I’ve been a huge fan of the quality and playability of Impact Soundworks’ sample libraries, and a customer of theirs! Their products sound great, are easy to play, and work in Kontakt flawlessly with very low memory overhead. I consistently use Shreddage and Shreddage Bass in my rock and orchestral hybrid compositions, and recently used Impact Steel and Koto Nation quite heavily for an internal Play Eternal title. I recommend Impact Soundworks’ libraries to any professional composer working in the film, television, and game industry. The minute you purchase one of Impact Soundworks’ products, you find yourself putting it into your compositions regularly, and being very happy with the results.”

Tom Shear / Waveformless

“If you’ve been frustrated trying to find these types of vintage drum sounds, you probably didn’t even bother reading this far and have already placed your order. But for those who need further convincing, just take a listen to the demos on Impact Soundworks’ website… this is a great sounding collection of the types of drums that aren’t exactly abundant on the sample library market these days.”

William Chrapcynski / Composer

“While virtual instruments have come a long way, electric guitar is one instrument that tends to get a bad reputation. Many of the libraries out there sound either too robotic or just unrealistic. Shreddage is one of those rare occurrences where it just works! It sounds good and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how to shred!”

W. Brent Latta / Symbiotic Audio

“I’ve been playing with Impact: Steel for a little over a week now and it has already found a place in my regular sample library. As the demos on the site suggest, it works extremely well to add metallic flavor and impact to your compositions. I’ve found it really wants to be ‘played’ – that is, I find it hard to not want to smash my keys while I’m playing with the samples!”

Douglas Romayne / Film & TV Composer

“The download and installation seems to be successful—been having so much fun playing with the Large Steel Frame L-R patches I almost forgot to respond back! They sound great and fill a big hole in the percussion template. Having developers like yourself address specific niches is a godsend for those of us needing new dynamic, playable instruments every couple of years. Thank you so much for doing this.”