Ventus Series Square

Featuring traditional and folk woodwind instruments from around the world, Ventus aims for authenticity, realism, expressiveness, and playability. Find the perfect tone for your music, performed masterfully and recorded in incredible detail.

Each Ventus instrument includes traditional playable articulations as well as an impressive pool of pre-recorded phrases, and an easy-to-use ornaments system so it’s simple for you to add color and nuance to your compositions.

Products in Series

Ventus Native American Flutes

Three inspiring, soothing, and expressive flutes handcrafted in the majestic mountains of Patagonia.

Ventus Winds Duduk

A haunting, mysterious Armenian woodwind ideal for cinematic music. The most detailed and realistic virtual duduk ever!

Ventus Winds – Ocarinas

3 deep sampled ocarinas, includes nearly 6000 samples and over 900 phrases.

Ventus Winds – Pan Flutes

2 deep sampled pan flutes (nai and toyo), includes 6200 samples and over 650 phrases.

Ventus Winds – Bansuri

Deep sampled Indian bansuri, includes 14 playable performance techniques and 350 phrases.

Ventus Winds – Tin Whistle

Deep sampled Irish tin whistle, includes 16 playable performance techniques and 450 phrases.

Ventus Winds – Shakuhachi

Deep sampled Japanese shakuhachi, includes 15 playable performance techniques and over 600 phrases.

Audio Demos

  1. High Tide Christian Yoder
  2. Aletheia Andrew Aversa
  3. Feathers Henning Nugel
  4. Ocarina of Time - Chrysalis (arr. Andrew Aversa) Koji Kondo
  5. Legendary Andreas Gajewski
  6. Black Lotus (Naked) Solonoid Studio
  7. The Journey Begins (Dressed) Will Bedford