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Ventus Winds Complete Bundle$399

Ventus Winds Complete Bundle

Our entire line of Ventus Winds instruments from around the world; that’s seven instruments in one package! Featuring Duduk, Native American Flutes, Bansuri, Ocarinas, Pan Flutes, Shakuhachi, and (last but certainly not least) our expressive Tin Whistle. *Complete your collection — get an additional discount for any included product you already own!*


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Huge hybrid orchestral brass with massive acoustic and up to 9 synth layer elements, perfect for epic film/TV/trailer scoring!

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  • Beautiful unified AGILITY interface
  • Dozens of under-the-hood tweaking controls
  • Fluid, seamless transitions, legato and morphs
  • Phrase playback editor
  • CONSOLE modular mixer with over 30 FX modules
  • TACT 2.0 for totally custom articulation mapping


  • 41GB disk space
  • KONTAKT version 5.7 or higher
  • 4GB RAM
  • 2011 or later processor. Your system must also meet the requirements for version 6.6 of Kontakt. If you cannot run that version, you will not be able to load this library.
  • Duduk
  • Native American Flutes
  • Bansuri
  • Ocarinas
  • Pan Flutes
  • Shakuhachi
  • Tin Whistle

Ventus Shakuhachi - Original Sound Version

"Ventus Series: Shakuhachi delivers a clear and lifelike performance of the instrument and there are plenty of options for customizing various aspects of the sound. The ornaments feature allows for more spontaneous sounding performances that reflect the strengths of the Shakuhachi’s idiomatic sound. Inclusion of a phrase library offers additional sounds to either enhance existing performances of the main instrument or for use as one shot effects or sound design." (Original Sound Version)

Ventus Winds Duduk - Sound on Sound

"Upon loading Ventus Duduk in Kontakt the first impression users may get is that Impact Soundworks have packed quite a bit under the hood of such a modestly priced instrument... In the end we have a beautifully performed and playable duduk virtual instrument, with great customisability at a steal of a price." (Sound On Sound)

Ventus Winds: Shakuhachi - macProVideo.com

"Excellent rendition of this classic Eastern instrument. Very deeply sampled library with multiple Mic position, plus the unique TACT technology for phrasing...If you are working on ethnic pieces that focus on the East this is definitely an instrument to add to your toolbox, or it even fits in well with cinematic pieces like film trailers and such….The Ventus Shakuhachi is a super rendition of this classic instrument. It has been sampled with great detail, and making use of the features such as the flutter, dynamics and ornaments can really bring out the character of the instrument." Gary Hiebner (macProVideo.com)

Ventus Winds: Tin Whistle - The Samplecast

“The versatility of this instrument and realism of the vibrato and ornaments mean it’s incredibly useable and really, really versatile. Once you to grips with how it works, this is probably the only tin whistle library you’ll ever need. It’s definitely recommended by me.” The Samplecast (02/2017)