The Shreddage 3 Ecosystem

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Whether you have every previous Shreddage 2 series guitar or you’re new to the family, our new generation of Shreddage 3 virtual instruments is designed to be powerful, expandable, and affordable!

We plan on incorporating all of our electric guitars and basses as Shreddage 3 instruments. Each instrument will have a standardized UI and feature set (Console, TACT 2.0, fretboard, algorithms) but come with its own serial number activation.

Crossgrades & Upgrades

If you own any previous Shreddage instruments, you’re in for a treat. Over the next year, we will be releasing a number of these S2 libraries re-programmed for the S3 Engine. Since the sample content will be the same, we’ll be giving you no-brainer upgrade pricing.

You’ll be able to enjoy the excellent tones of all these guitars in the cutting-edge S3 engine for just a small upgrade fee. Plus, since these upgrades will live in the S3 Engine, your original S2 instruments – and thus all your existing projects – won’t be affected!