logo-300x300-bravuraBravura Scoring Brass

“Boasting a highly effective true legato mode for all instruments, the library is technically excellent, with deep programming facilities lurking beneath the bonnet. The instruments (which play a decent range of common articulations and aleatoric effects) sound very nice indeed: ‘opulent’ is the word that springs to mind.” Sound On Sound

“After spending a good deal of time with all of the various instruments and features on Bravura Scoring Brass, I have to say I’m impressed. There are loads of options for customizing the sound of the ensembles or solo instruments, it’s simple to adjust parameters to create realistic performances, and the samples themselves are of top notch quality and are extremely versatile.” Original Sound Version

logo-300x300-juggernautJuggernaut: Cinematic Electronic Scoring Tools

“Another contender in the ‘Hybrid’ scoring tools category which brings a uniquely dark, gritty, growling and ominous sound to the field. An incredible value library considering it only retails at $149 compared to a number of its competitors. I really think Juggernaut is a great tool, and for this price, should be in every composers’ arsenal no matter what type of music they write.” Film and Game Composers

“Sound-wise, Juggernaut is hard-hitting, high-impact and unapologetically ‘electronic’ […] what it has sounds very good, and the editable parameters and effects allow decent customization.” Computer Music

“It’s doubtful that you’ll need to boost many of the presets, such is the richness of the sounds on which they’re based. […] Those unfamiliar with Northern English will find in the [demo] a timbral definition of the word ‘thrutch’. Subtle, Juggernaut is not […] So, the title offers good value for money […] and is very easy to use […] Many bass-oriented synths and hefty drum libraries have trundled through the Fell Surgery and Impact Soundworks’ impactful work is an example of one that truly plasters grin on face, all the better to loosen fillings with.” FellKlang Musik

logo-300x300-pearlPearl Concert Grand

“Even taking my high standards for realistic piano samples into account, I have to say that I’m thoroughly impressed by the Pearl Concert Grand. While I’ll always favor recording a real piano whenever possible, Pearl is a superb substitute that can deliver an equally dynamic and powerful performance. Considering how accurate and realistic [it] sounds, I think it is easily the next best thing to a studio recording… I would highly recommend grabbing this software. Pick up a copy and you’ll likely never need to buy another piano sample library.” Original Sound Version

“So, in summary, what do I think of the Pearl Concert Grand? Well, I very much like the variety of sounds that can be achieved from the one instrument – this being the C7 Yamaha Concert Grand. The GUI is very well laid out and the option to change the lighting by clicking on the logo is also quite nice.” Pro Tools Expert

“The piano is really quite stunning to play […] Even if your ivory-tinkling abilities are more intermediate, the advantages of using a properly recorded grand should be fairly audible in your projects just the same. […] If you’re serious about using great-quality piano sounds in your music, be it scoring, pop, jazz or anything else, this is well worth a look. […] An excellent, crisp and playable virtual piano instrument capable of everything from subtle jazz to pounding rock.” MusicTech Magazine

logo-300x300-ropRhapsody: Orchestral Percussion

“The vast variety of instruments and the mod wheel controllable rolls make this library a real competitor in the world of orchestral percussion. Even though it’s not another ‘Epic-Library’ you can tear the place down with some tweaking. So if you are looking for a versatile percussion library you should definitely give it a try. Value for money […] a fantastic compilation of orchestral percussion.” Film and Game Composers

“Impact Soundworks set out to develop an Orchestral Percussion Library that was of high quality and content but was ultimately more focused on malleability and workflow. Did they succeed? Yes. The sheer amount of instruments included is impressive and with no corners cut. […] The price point for the full library is an absolute steal and makes this an attractive option for both newcomers and more tenured users that may have already invested in another option(s). This library can no doubt add to what you may already have in your arsenal.” SCOREcast Online

“The key strength and selling point for me with this library is its versatility. The instruments can easily fit into any genre… and the overall sound quality is excellent. On top of all this, the interface is easy to navigate and use. The added touches, like being able to control percussion rolls via mod wheel or the ability to load individual instrument patches, makes [ROP] even better. If you are writing music in multiple genres and need a good all-purpose percussion library, Rhapsody: Orchestral Percussion is a library I would highly recommend.” Original Sound Version

logo-300x300-s2ibzShreddage 2 IBZ

“The first word Impact Soundworks use when listing the key features on their page is “brutal”, but I’d say “versatile” is the best word to describe Shreddage 2 IBZ. Though metal was the goal and its not a guitar for every application, Shreddage 2 IBZ is a great and very detailed library suitable for any music where being heavy-handed and aggressive is better than being smooth.” Bedroom Producers Blog

“I had a blast getting to know Shreddage 2 IBZ… It’s priced very low for what you get giving you the ability to create dead-on realistic heavy guitar parts! … It’s been years since my guitar chops were good enough for a face-melting metal solo but with the extensive deep sampling and attention to controls [IBZ] has me pumping my devil horns into the air and believing every note of my programmed guitar parts were real. With a beautifully sampled tone and ease of use […] any composer with some MIDI chops can shred as a metal god.” Sample Library Review

logo-300x300-sacSuper Audio Cart

“Super Audio Cart fills a niche in my chiptune arsenal that has been sorely lacking. The SNES-style patches sound so authentic, and the multi-chip patches bring usability and versatility I haven’t seen in a chiptune instrument before.” Danny Baranowsky (Crypt of the NecroDancer, Binding of Isaac, Super Meat Boy)

“Super Audio Cart is without doubt the best plugin for all your chiptune needs, it’s got the lot and they’re all glorious! Having all these authentic sounds in one place is the best idea since someone said, ‘Let’s put a rap in Donkey Kong’ … oh wait.” Grant Kirkhope (Donkey Kong 64, GoldenEye, Banjo-Kazooie, Civilization: Beyond Earth)

“It’s extremely convenient to be able to create arrangements with such diverse sounds so quickly, just using MIDI. Of course, Super Audio Cart isn’t just for ‘retro’ sounds – it’s also very useful for modern music as well.” Yuzo Koshiro (Streets of Rage, ActRaiser, Revenge of Shinobi, Etrian Odyssey)

“Super Audio Cart is so much fun, and absolutely spot-on for simulating retro game sounds. This is absolutely a fantastic sample library for all game music fans.” Yasunori Mitsuda (Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Xenogears)