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Keyboards Bundle$249

Keyboards Bundle

A bundle of our four distinctive virtual keyboard sample libraries: the majestic Fredonia Grand Organ, classic Pearl Concert Grand, guitar-inspired Modern Harpejji, and utterly unique Hammer Klavier. *Complete your collection — get an additional discount for any included product you already own!*


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Huge hybrid orchestral brass with massive acoustic and up to 9 synth layer elements, perfect for epic film/TV/trailer scoring!

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  • Full pipe organ with individually sampled stops
  • Yamaha C7 grand piano recorded in a concert hall
  • Authorized version of the inspiring Harpejji® K24
  • Avant-garde piano using real metal hammers


  • 49.5GB disk space
  • KONTAKT or KONTAKT PLAYER version 6.6 or higher
  • 8GB RAM
  • 7200 RPM hard drive or solid state drive recommended
  • Fredonia Grand Organ
  • Hammer Klavier
  • Modern Harpejji
  • Pearl Concert Grand

Fredonia Grand Organ - SoundBytes Magazine

"The clarity and depth of the sample content is amazing and the Console section lets you easily balance it all out to your own liking. The ability to have each division on its own MIDI channel lets you approach this instrument as you would a real-world pipe organ, but the virtual implementation also allows you to take it places that no real-world organ could go. FGO has a rich and powerful sound that is tough to beat." Rob Mitchell (SoundBytes Magazine)

Fredonia Grand Organ - Synthsonic

"Fredonia Grand Organ is capable of producing a wide range of pipe organ sounds, from the magnificent scale of cinematic sounds to the soft and warm sounds used in churches. And even though the sound is massive and organic, it's capable of a considerable breadth of musical styles... With so many possibilities, the capabilities of this virtual instrument are truly vast. It's not just a "pipe-organ-like" sound. This library is truly a genuine, authentic pipe organ." Synthsonic (07/2021)

Hammer Klavier - Simeon Amburgey

"It is like the boldness and creativity of the sample developers, they’re just going all in and taking us into some very uncharted territory, and unheard territory [...] see, it’s just very beautiful, but it can get really crazy too.” Simeon Amburgey (09/2021)

Hammer Klavier - Synthsonic

"Although it has a unique sound, it seems to be familiar with various songs, so it seems to be highly versatile. The hardness of the real hammers fits in well with EDM-style music; however, because of the crisp acoustic sound, it can be used for any style effectively. It's perfect for when you want a piano sound that's a bit different. A gem that seems to reach out when you want a piano but want to choose something a little different." Synthsonic (09/2021)

Pearl Concert Grand - MusicTech Magazine

"The piano is really quite stunning to play [...] Even if your ivory-tinkling abilities are more intermediate, the advantages of using a properly recorded grand should be fairly audible in your projects just the same. [...] If you’re serious about using great-quality piano sounds in your music, be it scoring, pop, jazz or anything else, this is well worth a look. [...] An excellent, crisp and playable virtual piano instrument capable of everything from subtle jazz to pounding rock." Hollin Jones (MusicTech Magazine)

Pearl Concert Grand - Original Sound Version

"Even taking my high standards for realistic piano samples into account, I have to say that I’m thoroughly impressed by the Pearl Concert Grand. While I’ll always favor recording a real piano whenever possible, Pearl is a superb substitute that can deliver an equally dynamic and powerful performance. Considering how accurate and realistic [it] sounds, I think it is easily the next best thing to a studio recording... I would highly recommend grabbing this software. Pick up a copy and you’ll likely never need to buy another piano sample library." Michael Hoffmann (Original Sound Version)

Pearl Concert Grand - Pro Tools Expert

"So, in summary, what do I think of the Pearl Concert Grand? Well, I very much like the variety of sounds that can be achieved from the one instrument - this being the C7 Yamaha Concert Grand. The GUI is very well laid out and the option to change the lighting by clicking on the logo is also quite nice." Dan Cooper (Pro Tools Expert)

Pearl Concert Grand - Simeon Amburgey

“It’s really interesting how different libraries can fit into different roles, and I’m just loving the way that Pearl just really has such a presence, and it kind of cuts through...it can be really bright, and then it can just be really nice and big and intimate and full, which I really, really appreciate about this library.” Simeon Amburgey (07/2020)