Keyboards Bundle

A bundle of our four distinctive virtual keyboard sample libraries: the majestic Fredonia Grand Organ, classic Pearl Concert Grand, guitar-inspired Modern Harpejji, and utterly unique Hammer Klavier. *Complete your collection — get an additional discount for any included product you already own!*


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Products Included

Fredonia Grand Organ
Hammer Klavier
Modern Harpejji
Pearl Concert Grand
Pearl Concert Grand

Audio Demos

  1. Judgement (Dressed) Ben Hicks
  2. Nocturne Frédéric Chopin
  3. Funk Phantom Andrew Aversa
  4. Prelude Henning Nugel
  5. New World Symphony (arr. Andrew Aversa) Antonín Dvořák
  6. Fantaisie-Impromptu in C# Minor Op. 66 Frédéric Chopin
  7. Land of Reflex (Mixed by TITANIO) Matias Dapena
  8. Maple Leaf Rag (mockup by Andrew Aversa)

Product Info


Fredonia Grand Organ
Hammer Klavier
Modern Harpejji
Pearl Concert Grand


Full pipe organ with individually sampled stops
Yamaha C7 grand piano recorded in a concert hall
Authorized version of the inspiring Harpejji® K24
Avant-garde piano using real metal hammers


49.5GB of disk space

7200 RPM hard drive or solid state drive recommended.

8GB of RAM

Higher amounts of memory let you load more instruments.

Kontakt Player 6.6+

This library will run in the FREE Kontakt Player.

Kontakt Requirements - Mac OSX

Intel Macs (i5 or higher): macOS 10.14, 10.15, 11 or 12 (latest update).
Apple Silicon Macs (via Rosetta 2 & natively on ARM in Standalone or in hosts that support it): macOS 11 or 12 (latest update)

Kontakt Requirements - Windows

Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 (latest Service Pack, 32/64-bit). Intel Core i5 or equivalent CPU. Graphics hardware support for OpenGL 2.1 or higher. Windows 10 strongly recommended.




Fredonia Grand Organ – SoundBytes Magazine

“The clarity and depth of the sample content is amazing and the Console section lets you easily balance it all out to your own liking. The ability to have each division on its own MIDI channel lets you approach this instrument as you would a real-world pipe organ, but the virtual implementation also allows you to take it places that no real-world organ could go. FGO has a rich and powerful sound that is tough to beat.”

Rob Mitchell (SoundBytes Magazine)

Hammer Klavier – Simeon Amburgey

“It is like the boldness and creativity of the sample developers, they’re just going all in and taking us into some very uncharted territory, and unheard territory […] see, it’s just very beautiful, but it can get really crazy too.”

Simeon Amburgey (09/2021)

Hammer Klavier – Synthsonic

“Although it has a unique sound, it seems to be familiar with various songs, so it seems to be highly versatile. The hardness of the real hammers fits in well with EDM-style music; however, because of the crisp acoustic sound, it can be used for any style effectively. It’s perfect for when you want a piano sound that’s a bit different. A gem that seems to reach out when you want a piano but want to choose something a little different.”

Synthsonic (09/2021)

Pearl Concert Grand – Film and Game Composers

“I was enjoying the simple act of playing it so much I almost forgot to test all of its features. There are many ways to customize its sound on your own, but I like that Impact Soundworks have crafted many presets, touch responses, mic positions for me to use. My 88 key Yamaha keyboard with GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) weighted action, together with Pearl, is the perfect combo for grand piano playing and recording.” (4.5/5)

Franto Kormanak (Film and Game Composers)

Modern Harpejji – SoundBytes Magazine

“…this is a very versatile instrument that can play a lot of timbres and tunings in a variety of styles. The sound quality is excellent and the programming is very clever…Impact has a winner on their hands here, I think.”

Warren Burt (SoundBytes Magazine)

Pearl Concert Grand – Computer Music

“Pearl Concert Grand sounds lovely and plays well, holding its own against competing pianos costing considerably more…There’s enough processing power to design any piano sound you’re likely to need.” (4.5/5)

CM Reviews (Computer Music)

Pearl Concert Grand – MusicTech Magazine

“The piano is really quite stunning to play […] Even if your ivory-tinkling abilities are more intermediate, the advantages of using a properly recorded grand should be fairly audible in your projects just the same. […] If you’re serious about using great-quality piano sounds in your music, be it scoring, pop, jazz or anything else, this is well worth a look. […] An excellent, crisp and playable virtual piano instrument capable of everything from subtle jazz to pounding rock.”

Hollin Jones (MusicTech Magazine)