FM Variations

Expand your horizons with FM Variations, a stunning Zebra 2 preset collection featuring over 200 breathtaking sounds! Using advanced FM synthesis, these patches include everything from beautiful soft and glassy tones to gritty modulated basses and leads. Every sound has been carefully prepared with X/Y control for instant inspiration and easy variation.



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Audio Demos

  1. Life's Pretty Great (Added Drums) timaeus222 1:13
  2. The FM Side of Music (Added Drums) timaeus222 1:24
  3. I Know What You'll Do Next Wednesday (Naked) timaeus222 1:26

Product Info


202 patches
8 Arpeggios
10 FX
6 Sweeps
15 Mallets
17 Pads


X/Y control on each patch
23 Basses
5 Percussion
9 Keys
19 Leads
90 XY Variations


u-he's Zebra 2.6+ required



FM synthesis is among the most complex forms of sound generation, capable of producing both beautiful digital timbres and very harsh tones. Harnessing and taming the power of FM with the u-he Zebra 2 synthesizer was the goal of FM Variations. Each patch is meticulously tuned and tweaked to avoid spiky resonances, harsh dissonance, and messiness that are often common to FM sounds.

Even FM novices can enjoy creating endless variations of these sounds using the carefully adjusted XY pads, which were all checked to ensure no wild frequencies can emerge accidentally. All sounds also have tips in their description on how they are intended to be used, or possible edits that could serve as interesting deviations from the original patch

We hope that FM Variations will open your ears to a whole new world of sound in Zebra 2!


Testimonial – Jimmy ‘Big Giant Circles’ Hinson (Black Ops 4, Borderlands 2, Threes)

“Between Shreddage, Super Audio Cart, Juggernaut, and Mega Brass I don’t remember the last time I haven’t used an Impact Soundworks instrument in a track. The attention to detail is astonishing and it’s all so easy to use out of the box, which is a big deal.”