Bass Sculptor (NFR)

Get your bass in shape with Bass Sculptor, a versatile multi-FX plugin (VST, AU, AAX) programmed by Jatin Chowdhury of ChowdhuryDSP. Fatten up weak drums, smooth out bass guitar recordings, clean up mud, or tighten up a whole mix, all in one convenient package. Four distinct modules let you manage low-end quickly & easily from a single UI, with just enough tweakability to shape your sound without being complex.


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Bass Sculptor

Our first collaboration with brilliant engineer Jatin Chowdhury, this plugin is designed with ease-of-use in mind. Rather than using 3 or 4 different plugins for bass management, Bass Sculptor allows you to handle everything in one elegant and clean UI powered by slick, lightweight DSP.

Four functions in one simple UI

  • Subharmonic generator
    • True synthesis of sub-frequencies based on the input signal; not just a simple pitch-shifter or octaver
  • Bass Imager
    • Collapses low frequencies to mono using one of three processing modes, ideal for making club-friendly mixes
  • Bass EQ & Filter
    • Surgical high-pass and single-band EQ with both minimal and linear-phase modes
  • Bass Compressor
    • Highly-responsive compression of bass frequencies at up to 10:1 ratio

About Jatin Chowdhury and ChowdhuryDSP

Jatin is a software engineer and musician whose innovative work in DSP has been widely-recognized by academia, industry peers, and users of his free ChowdhuryDSP plugins. His novel research includes cutting-edge analog modeling techniques, hardware emulation, and even the use of neural networking for DSP. His goals of creating both excellent audio tools & learning resources align perfectly with our own.


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“As a working composer, for $99, this is an absolute bargain. It’s not massive, huge taikos and that’s all it can do; yes, as I say, you can layer all of these and use the ten velocity layers to create really big ensembles if you want to, but you have the option of going really really small, really delicate, really intricate. And that is what I love about this instrument. So for me, if you’re looking for some world percussion, and taikos in particular, played by a world-renowned percussionist, this is a fantastic purchase.”

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