kontakt-playerA supremely versatile archtop electric guitar, perfectly suited for both clean and amped playing. Capable of styles ranging from jazz, funk, blues and R&B to rock, pop and more.

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Archtop – Perform
Archtop – Fretboard
Archtop – Articulations


  • Extensive 24-bit DI recordings
  • Sadowsky Jim Hall model archtop guitar
  • Bridge & neck pickups recorded
  • Sustain, palm mutes, vibrato, tremolo
  • Thumbed octaves, portamento (glissando)
  • Staccato notes, hammer-on / pull-off
  • Harmonics, neck slides, pick FX and noises
  • Wide range of release noises
  • Every fret sampled on every string


  • Beautiful and intuitive UI
  • Blend between bridge and neck pickups
  • Custom mapping for all articulations
  • Intelligent performance + playback
  • One-click dual-pickup stereo sound
  • Dozens of engine tweaking options
  • MIDI guitar compatibility
  • Runs in the free KONTAKT PLAYER


  • 4GB disk space
  • KONTAKT PLAYER version 5.3 or higher
  • 4GB of RAM required
  • 7200 RPM hard drive or SSD recommended
  • Introduction & Overview
  • "The King and His Blues" Demo Walkthrough


Archtop: Hollowbody Electric Guitar is our next-generation virtual instrument sampling a customized Sadowsky Jim Hall model with dual pickups. This library is ideal for many genres, from jazz, funk, and R&B, to ambient, rock, pop, and beyond. With stunning realism and detail, you can write or perform virtually any rhythm or lead part you can imagine!

NOTE: Already own Shreddage II? Archtop has a lot to offer! While Shreddage is all about heavy, thick tones, rock, and double-tracking, Archtop specializes in more clean and dynamic playing.

Download the Shreddage 2 vs. Archtop comparison here!

Interface & Engine

Archtop also includes an advanced, but highly intuitive, scripted interface. This interface follows the same model as our Shreddage II: Absolute Electric Guitar, so if you've gotten comfortable with that interface, you'll feel right at home in Archtop!

The Perform page allows for editing and loading articulations, adding effects like chorus and reverb, and adjusting parameters like monophonic mode, round robin, and the special strumming mode. The Fretboard page allows for visual feedback and selecting parameters of the virtual guitarist, such as the hand size andextreme fret preferences; these parameters are translated into real behavior for the string selection algorithm, where Archtop will map MIDI notes onto certain frets and strings appropriately as if a real performer were playing them.

The Articulations page exposes all of the Archtop articulations to the user in a fully customizable mappingscheme. The user can either activate articulations via keyswitches or velocity ranges. The Engine page reveals the back end of Archtop for users seeking to tweak Archtop into the ultimate performance tool, exposing parameters such as velocity response, transposition, pitch bend, resonance controls, pedal behavior, and control over noises such as release and pick.

Impact Soundworks - Archtop Review - Computer Music

"The big sound of the hollowbody electric is at its best taking centre stage. Archtop captures this perfectly and is the sort of sampled guitar you could happily ‘feature’ in a track rather than hide in the mix. It’s beautifully presented, and its pristine DI sound serves as a fantastic foundation for a huge range of tones… A fabulous-sounding guitar captured to near-perfection with articulations and noises for supreme realism of performance." CM Reviews (Computer Music)

Impact Soundworks - Archtop Review - Sound On Sound

"Sound wise, Archtop is impressive too. Not only does it sound very real (thanks in part to its use of eight round‑robin variations per articulation), but it also has a lovely mellow tone which still retains enough presence to cut through in a mix […] With a little practice, [users] should be able to fabricate very convincing and impressive guitar solos and chord‑based riffs to suit a great number of their compositions." Tom Flint (Sound On Sound)

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