Loyalty and Rewards

Your Points Balance

You’ll earn 1 point for every $1 spent in our store. These points will never expire.

Redeem Points

Once you redeem a reward, you will see it appear as a coupon on the CART or CHECKOUT pages. Simply click the coupon to activate it: for “Free Gift” rewards, this is also where you will make your product selection.

(Don’t see anything below? If you have fewer than 100 points, nothing will be shown!)

View All Rewards

Below is the list of all rewards available at all point levels. See something you like? Save up enough points and it will appear as an option in the “Redeem Points” section above.

Coupons Available

Note: All coupons here will be available on the CART and CHECKOUT pages. For “Free Gift” rewards, you will make your product selection by clicking the coupon on those pages.