Summer Guitar Fest


Summer Guitar Fest

This year, we’re unleashing some of our most exciting guitar-related projects ever! From updated classics to new favorites to totally unexplored territory, Summer Guitar Fest is a celebration of all things guitar.

We’ve added some new projects to our plan, so the grand guitar tour is now extended past summer — with new releases every month through November! Keep checking back to see what we’ve been up to.

Products in Collection

Audio Demos

  1. Cage Slam Andrew Aversa 1:01
  2. Cosmic Orb Jimsaku 0:52
  3. The End Andrew Aversa 1:08
  4. Fields of Green Jimmy Hinson 1:08
  5. Build and Restore Andrew Aversa 1:33
  6. Thrash Bin Markus Törmänen 1:58
  7. Until Next Time Steven Cravis 4:02
  8. Spiorad Henning Nugel 1:38
  9. Drift Jimmy Hinson 1:42
  10. Running Brad Jerkins 1:17