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Shreddage Bass: Picked Edition
A pure, powerful bass guitar library suitable for floor-crumbling, core-shaking and mammoth riding. Features a killer, flexible DI tone straight from a Music Man Sterling that is perfect for rock and metal, as well as jazz, disco, electronica or even pop.


Shreddage Bass - Key Features
  • Drop Bb tuning
  • Pristine DI sound
  • Open sustains & staccatos
  • Muted sustains & staccatos
  • True hammer-on and pull-off legato
  • Neck slides
  • 3x round robins, 8x velocities
  • Downstroke-only mode
  • Octaves, anti-repetition & fx scripts
  • Easy access EQ, amp, comp, limiter

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With the success of our Shreddage guitar libraries, we received an overwhelming number of requests to do some sort of bass library in the same style. At first, we thought about doing a quick-and-dirty bass instrument focused solely on rock and metal. This would have been easy to do, but we decided that we wanted to go above and beyond our initial scope and make a truly powerful, flexible virtual instrument.

Thus, Shreddage Bass: Picked Edition was born. As with the original Shreddage library, we opted to record everything clean (DI) to allow the user maximum tone-crafting flexibility. Any multitude of amp and cabinet simulators can be used to great effect, but the samples also sound excellent with no processing, which was a central design goal. Our experience with many bass libraries was that they tended to be difficult to place in a mix, so we wanted our instrument to simply sit well with minimal (if any) EQ and processing.

We hope that you'll enjoy Shreddage Bass: Picked Edition and use it in a wide variety of musical productions. We truly believe it's our best sample library yet!

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The demos below showcase Shreddage Bass: Picked Edition in a variety of contexts. "Dressed" demos incorporate other instrumentation, while "Naked" or unlabeled demos feature nothing but Shreddage Bass: Picked Edition. Enjoy!

This flexibility in tone allows you to use Shreddage Bass: Picked Edition for a variety of genres and styles. As you can hear in our demos, the library is quite capable of realistic and powerful rock and metal basslines. However, it is also exceptional for funk, jazz, disco, electronica, pop and more.

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Shreddage Bass UI

As with all of our sample libraries, a thorough set of articulations, round robins (RRs) and velocity layers are included. In this case, we have 8x RRs (4x down and 4x up strokes), 3x velocity layers, open and muted notes, staccato notes, neck slides and true hammer-on and pull-off samples with an accompanying script.

The next design goal was to make the instrument highly playable and intuitive. The modwheel, sustain pedal and other MIDI CCs are not required. There are no keyswitches. We believe that this kind of usability is vital for any composer!

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Below are required & recommended system specs for Shreddage Bass: Picked Edition.

  • Requires Kontakt 4 (full version, not player) OR free Sforzando player
  • Requires 2GB disk space

Click here to download the Shreddage Bass: Picked Edition manual.

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Impact Soundworks is probably best known for its Shreddage guitar products, which enable you to create thunderous axe parts within your DAW. Shreddage Bass: Picked Edition is cut from similar cloth, but while both its name and packaging might lead you to suspect that it’s designed exclusively for metal fans, this is actually a more versatile instrument than it first appears.


Predictably, Shreddage Bass sounds great with rock and metal styles, but it’s also a decent library for anyone who just wants a great-sounding picked bass guitar at a very reasonable

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