Chiptune Collection


Chiptune Collection

The world’s most complete collection of classic video game samples and effects! These libraries make it easy to create music with the signature sounds of the 70s, 80s, or 90s, or to invent something entirely new — the possibilities are limitless. Perfect for game audio professionals and composers who love the sound of retro video game consoles, handhelds, and computers.

As game composers and lifelong lovers of retro video games ourselves, we built these libraries with the dedication of true enthusiasts.

Products in Collection

Audio Demos

  1. Future Bounce (Super Audio Cart) [Hybrid] Andrew Aversa
  2. Trapped inSIDe House (inSIDious) Jammer
  3. Platformer Theme (SNESVerb) Andrew Aversa
  4. Super Famitasia (Super Audio Cart) [SNES, GB, NES] Protodome
  5. 8 - 16bit Demo Medley (Super FX Volume 1) Andrew Aversa
  6. Ocean Loader 5 (inSIDious) Jonathan Dunn (arr. Fabio Marinelli)
  7. Synth Stacks (SNESVerb) Andrew Aversa
  8. Island Zone 2 (Super Audio Cart) [NES, GB, C64] Jeff Ball
  9. Megasid 2066 (inSIDious) zircon
  10. RPG Theme (SNESVerb) Andrew Aversa