Acoustic Sound Design

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Acoustic Sound Design

As sound designers and composers ourselves, we’re always searching for truly unique timbres and unexpected sound sources. This collection features our libraries based on non-traditional acoustic sound sources, including a huge range of “found” and custom-made instruments sampled in great depth.

Whether you use these sounds as-is or design them further with the wide selection of presets and tools included with each product, we think you’ll find any of these libraries immediately inspiring and incredibly useful.

Products in Collection

Audio Demos

  1. Meditation (Resonance) Andrew Aversa
  2. Falling Into Blue (Curio, Dressed) Jason Cullimore
  3. Dancing Shadows (Shou Drum) Franck Barre
  4. Vulcan (ReForged, Dressed) Blake Ewing
  5. Midnight (Resonance) Andrew Aversa