Acoustic Revolutions

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Our three-volume series of acoustic rhythm guitar loops. A practical complement to ISW’s acclaimed solo guitar series, these rhythmic libraries were conceived with the busy producer in mind, offering production-ready, natural sounding loops in WAV form as well as a powerful Kontakt instrument that tailors loops to fit your unique track.

Drag and drop WAV files from the Alternative Rock Loops (formerly Vol 1) and Adult Contemporary Loops (formerly Vol 2) volumes directly into your DAW or load them into your preferred sampler. Or use the smooth interface of Strum Designer (formerly Vol 3, now a Kontakt Player Instrument) to build chord progressions and rhythm parts to suit virtually any composition.

Products in Series

Acoustic Revolutions: Strum Designer

The ultimate acoustic guitar rhythm instrument! Easily create entire backing tracks in virtually any key, chord, or tempo using a single instrument.

Acoustic Revolutions: Adult Contemporary Loops

A collection of over 630 acoustic guitar loops perfect for adult contemporary, easy listening, pop, folk, soundtracks and much more!

Acoustic Revolutions: Alternative Rock Loops

The first collection in a series of affordable acoustic guitar loop libraries! Perfect for the adult contemporary genre & more.

Audio Demos

  1. The End (Strum Designer Demo) Andrew Aversa
  2. Spiorad (Strum Designer Demo) Henning Nugel
  3. Happy Place (Strum Designer Demo) Brad Jerkins
  4. Fields of Green (AR: Alternative Rock Loops) Jimmy Hinson
  5. Drift (AR: Alternative Rock Loops) Jimmy Hinson
  6. Perk Me Up (AR: Alternative Rock Loops) Jimmy Hinson
  7. Build and Restore (AR: Adult Contemporary Loops Demo) Andrew Aversa
  8. Running (AR: Adult Contemporary Loops Demo) Brad Jerkins
  9. Road Trip (AR: Adult Contemporary Loops Demo) Derek Shunia