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vst-vst3-auA classic game console reverb effect, now in plugin format! SNESVerb is a super lightweight, streamlined, and easy-to-use way of adding 16-bit style faux reverb along with other lo-fi processing effects. Included FREE with Super Audio Cart!



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  • PC VST (32/64bit), Mac VST / AU formats


  • Faithful emulation of SNES faux-reverb effect
  • Delay time, feedback, and width controls
  • Pre and post-processing LP filter
  • Downsampler (11, 22, 32khz) for authenticity
  • Filter & downsample wet-only, or dry signal too
  • One-click bypass and randomize buttons
  • Four stereo input & processing modes
  • Ultra light on CPU/memory usage


  • Windows 7 / Mac OSX 10.7 or higher
  • Does not currently work with OSX Catalina!
  • VST or AU compatible DAW (32 & 64bit versions available)
  • Plugin Tutorial


SNESVerb is a lightweight plugin designed to faithfully emulate the faux-reverb effect of the SNES home video game console. Many classic game soundtracks from this game system heavily utilized the reverb effect, which was actually a very short delay line, making for a truly signature sound that is looked on with warm nostalgia by millions.

We created this plugin because users of Super Audio Cart, which included a similar built-in effect, requested it. Rather than just leaving it as a simple delay, we also included some useful features such as a downsampler, pre- and post-processing filters, four stereo input modes, and a preset randomizer button.

Please enjoy SNESVerb for both your retro 16-bit style music and modern productions alike!