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Shreddage 2 Classic (S2X Expansion)$39

Shreddage 2 Classic (S2X Expansion)

kontakt-playerThe brutal SG Standard sound of the original Shreddage 1, supercharged and ported to the advanced Shreddage 2 engine Now you can use the ultra-aggressive rhythm guitar sound set that started it all with new programming and advanced features. NOTE: This product requires Shreddage 2!

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  • 1,900+ 24bit DI recordings
  • Powerchords + single notes
  • Up to 8x RR per note
  • Palm mutes, harmonics
  • Pinch squeals, vibrato
  • True portamento slides
  • Full chokes + fret noise


All engine features from Shreddage 2X.


  • KONTAKT PLAYER 5.3 (or full version) required
  • Shreddage II (with S2X update) required
  • Requires 2GB disk space
  • 4GB of RAM recommended
  • Walkthrough & Overview


Shreddage Classic is the first expansion pack for our flagship Shreddage 2 virtual instrument. It includes ALL samples from the Shreddage 1 library, reprogrammed and reformatted to be better than ever.

With this expansion, you can enjoy the biting, aggressive tone of the original Shreddage library with new features like custom articulation mapping, built-in FX, customizable legato, hammer-on scripting, quad-tracking, and much more. Compared to the original S1 Kontakt version, Shreddage 2 Classic is easier to use, and far more powerful.

Shreddage 2 vs. Classic

The tone of Shreddage Classic, featuring a 6-string SG Standard, is more thin and aggressive than that ofShreddage 2, which used a darker and more full 7-string. This makes it ideal for harsh and brutal rhythm riffs.

The range of Shreddage Classic (G3-B6) does not extend as far as Shreddage 2 (G3-E8). Instead, it focuses on a rich and deeply-sampled lower octaves, ideal for RHYTHM playing.

Shreddage Classic uses less memory & CPU, as it does not have a string/fretting engine. Instead, there is one set of samples per note, as opposed to each note on each string/fret being sampled.

Shreddage Classic does not have the staccato articulation or as many vibrato types, but DOES feature natural harmonics with no vibrato.