The Shreddage 3 Ecosystem

Whether you have every previous Shreddage 2 series guitar or you’re new to the family, our new generation of Shreddage 3 virtual instruments is designed to be powerful, expandable, and affordable!

We plan on incorporating all of our electric guitars and basses as Shreddage 3 instruments. You’ll register, activate, and use all of these libraries from a single tab in Kontakt using a single serial number (license).

All your Shreddage 3 Engine instruments will live here!

Single License System

With this system, you only need to buy ONE Shreddage 3 license to use ANY S3 instruments. This means adding more S3 guitars & basses to your library will be more affordable than ever, as you won’t be paying a license/serial fee each time. The S3 license will show up in your User Account with your serial attached.

Let’s take a look at how this works with a few hypothetical upcoming instruments. As you’ll see, by only paying the license fee once, you can get the other instruments at a lower base price!

* = Hypothetical products/pricing!

Crossgrades & Upgrades

If you own any previous Shreddage instruments, you’re in for a treat. Over the next year, we will be releasing a number of these S2 libraries re-programmed for the S3 Engine. Since the sample content will be the same, we’ll be giving you no-brainer upgrade pricing. Remember, you only have to get the S3 License once!

(Exact pricing subject to change until release)

The Upgrade pricing above is what you’ll pay if you own the S2 version of an instrument. You’ll be able to enjoy the excellent tones of all these guitars in the cutting-edge S3 engine for just a small upgrade fee.

Plus, since these upgrades will live in the S3 Engine, your original S2 instruments – and thus all your existing projects – won’t be affected!

10 responses to “The Shreddage 3 Ecosystem

  1. I have S2, so this says I can get Shreddage 3 Stratus by paying both Lisence $30 + Crossgrade Price $99 = Total $129, correct?

    1. For those of us who own the Shreddage 2 complete bundle from VSTBuzz, can we have a special upgrade pricing instead of paying $80? (4 instruments x $20)

      1. Since S3 Stratus is a totally new guitar & engine that has taken a ton of resources to develop, we felt one crossgrade ‘loyalty’ discount was reasonable. But as mentioned in the article, if you own all S2 guitars you will get massive discounts on the S3 versions of those guitars!

      2. I wonder the same. How do I add that VSTBuzz bundle license to my account?

        1. Just email our support with your VSTBuzz serial number and we’ll get it added!

  2. I don’t seem to have any kind of crossgrade options but I do own all of Shreddage 2 series (Bass 2, S2, IBZ, Classic, SRP … missing something ?) And there’s no crossgrade. Unless the price is already discounted (30 License + 119 for Stratus) am I doing something wrong ?

    1. Do you have any Shreddage 2 product in your user account? If you’ve purchased one but it’s not showing up in your account, please email us ( and we’ll make sure to hook it up. Then you will see the coupon in your Deals area.

      1. I do have all the Shreddage 2 series in my account and a few others … I’ll email you shortly.

        1. Dear Andew, please disregarding my e-mail and please don’t be too angry at me … I feel like I’m fucking stupid at times and at this very moment, I feel like I’m at the apex of sheer stupidity. Found it! -_- Fuck my life. Thanks.

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