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Orchestral Bundle$349

Orchestral Bundle

Save 55% with this orchestral bundle, perfect for film, TV & game scoring! Featuring deep-sampled orchestral brass ensembles and soloists, a gorgeous Yamaha C7, a full-featured set of classic orchestral percussion and a go-to sketch pad of orchestral chords and playable instruments.


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Huge hybrid orchestral brass with massive acoustic and up to 9 synth layer elements, perfect for epic film/TV/trailer scoring!

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  • KONTAKT version 5.4 or higher - NOT Kontakt Player
  • 8GB of RAM (all mics/artics)
  • 38GB disk space (16-bit samples)
  • 58GB disk space (24-bit samples)
  • 7200 RPM hard drive or solid state drive recommended
  • Core 2 Duo processor or better
  • Bravura Overview & Patch Walkthrough
  • Pearl Walkthrough & Demonstration
  • Rhapsody Orchestral Percussion Overview
  • Rhapsody Orchestral Colors Overview
  • Furia Overview and Demo Walkthrough

Bravura Scoring Brass - Blogcritics Magazine

"I really liked working with Bravura. You have a lot of flexibility over what you are creating... Even better are the sounds that you are able to create. By being able to control so many variables, you can tweak the sounds in just about any way possible. Also, the crispness of the sound is superb... The Chordmaker and Orchestrator also make this package very unique and give it even more flexibility. "[...] I have worked with a number of other brass packages and Bravura really scores high on my list of favorites. For that reason I highly recommend it." T. Michael Testi (Blogcritics Magazine)

Pearl Concert Grand - MusicTech Magazine

"The piano is really quite stunning to play [...] Even if your ivory-tinkling abilities are more intermediate, the advantages of using a properly recorded grand should be fairly audible in your projects just the same. [...] If you’re serious about using great-quality piano sounds in your music, be it scoring, pop, jazz or anything else, this is well worth a look. [...] An excellent, crisp and playable virtual piano instrument capable of everything from subtle jazz to pounding rock." Hollin Jones (MusicTech Magazine)

Rhapsody Orchestral Colors - Sample Library Review

"I am a big fan of Ensemble libraries. When I first heard about Rhapsody Orchestral Colors I couldn’t wait to check out the functionality ... it did not disappoint. The samples themselves sound fantastic and I really love the dynamic range going from ƒƒƒ (pretty damn strong) to pp (very quiet) ... [RSO] is a wonderful tool to sketch with and the samples sound so good you can use them without having to orchestrate out all of your parts. ISW has created a great sounding set of powerful orchestral ensemble & chord tools that anyone can afford AND quickly learn to use." Don Bodin (Sample Library Review)

Rhapsody: Orchestral Percussion - Film and Game Composers

"The vast variety of instruments and the mod wheel controllable rolls make this library a real competitor in the world of orchestral percussion. Even though it’s not another 'Epic-Library' you can tear the place down with some tweaking. So if you are looking for a versatile percussion library you should definitely give it a try. Value for money […] a fantastic compilation of orchestral percussion." Oliver Amberg (Film and Game Composers)