The following license is granted non-exclusively to all purchasers of our products. This version (updated December 23, 2022) supersedes any prior printed or digital versions of our license.


All sound recordings, performances, scripting and/or code contained in this product is the intellectual property of Impact Soundworks LLC (“ISW”) unless otherwise noted, and remain the property of ISW after the product is purchased. When purchasing an ISW product, you are purchasing a non-exclusive license to use, edit, perform, or otherwise utilize the contained recordings, performances, scripting and/or code for commercial and non-commercial purposes as defined below.

Authorized Users

Depending on the type of customer and usage scenario, authorized users of this license will vary. ALL purchases fall into category A or B.

A. Individual Purchase

This license is extended to customers who are purchasing as the primary user of the product, OR are purchasing on the behalf of another primary user (i.e. as a gift).
The licensee (primary user) MAY install the product on as many computer systems as he or she has has access to. However, ONLY the licensee may use the product. No other users are authorized.

B. Corporate, Academic, Institutional Purchase

This license is extended to customers who are purchasing for a multi-user setting, such as a shared studio, networked workstation, computer lab, etc. In this case, the licensee is the institution and not any one user. In contrast with individual purchases, an institutional license applies to ONE computer / workstation. All users of that workstation who belong to the purchasing institution (licensee) shall be considered authorized users. However, at no point may multiple authorized users access one license simultaneously. Multiple licenses must be purchased if the product is to be used by multiple users simultaneously.

Scope of License (Virtual Instruments, Sample Libraries)

“Virtual instruments” and “sample libraries” include any ISW product that contains musical instrument recordings (samples), as either single notes, phrases, loops, or a combination of these.

The licensee is entitled to the use and unlimited editing of the product within the scope of music production, performance, recording, and composition. This includes both non-commercial and commercial usage of all types, including, but not limited to, film scores, television scores, music libraries, video game soundtracks, digital and physical music releases, albums, compilations, etc. Exceptions to this scope are listed below.

The licensee MAY NOT use the product in the production of any other sample library or virtual instrument products.

The licensee MAY NOT sell individual sounds from a product in any context.

The licensee MAY NOT use the product in a way that violates the laws of the United States or the user’s country of residence.

For clarity: The licensee MAY use sounds from the product to create individual sound effects (SFX) for use in film, TV, advertising, and video games. However, the licensee cannot sell these sounds individually via marketplace, stock music/stock audio site, etc.

Scope of License (Plugins)

“Plugins” include any ISW product that is based on algorithmic DSP, such as compressors, EQ, reverb, non-sample based synthesizers, etc.

The licensee is entitled to the use of the product for any non-commercial and commercial purposes, with the exception of those purposes that violate the laws of the United States or the user’s country of residence.

Ownership, Resale and Transfer

Redistributing, reselling, electronically transmitting, uploading, sharing, or renting the product in any way, shape, or form is prohibited by law. The licensee may create a physical backup copy of any digitally purchased and downloaded product. This backup copy is subject to the same limitations as the original copy of the product, and may not be transferred to any other individual for any reason.

Purchasers that redistribute the product without explicit authorization by ISW, whether for commercial gain or otherwise, may be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.