Console: Modular FX Rack and Mixer

Console is Impact Soundworks’ custom-built, fully modular FX rack, pedal board, and channel mixer available for the first time in Shreddage 3 Stratus. Unlike our previous FX racks, which were locked into a specific set of 8 or fewer modules in a specific order, Console gives you total flexibility. You get 8 inserts per channel which can have any effects you want, in any order!

There are now THIRTY (30) FX units at your fingertips, from guitar amps and pedals to EQs, modulation, and dynamics – everything that Kontakt 5.7 has to offer, plus some custom ISW effects as well. Each one is fully editable with a single click and can be easily randomized or initialized.

A new K5.7 amp in action. Every module can have its own presets!

The New Cab Arsenal

Produced in collaboration with Dan M at Skyhouse Recording, Console now sports a wide selection of custom cabinet IRs (impulses responses) which will help you create excellent guitar & bass tones. Eight different cabs were captured, each with at least two mics (dynamic, condenser) and two positions (on, off-axis). These include:

  • Modern Hi-gain 4×12 (Mesa/5150 type)
  • British Rock 4×12 (Marshall 1960 type)
  • American Clean (Fender Twin type)
  • British Open-back (Vox AC30 type)
  • Doom/Stoner 2×15 (Vintage Sunn type)
  • Bass Portaflex 1×15
  • Bass Classic 4×10
  • Bass Modern 2×12

These sound absolutely fantastic and blow the old Shreddage 2 cab IRs out of the water. Of course, if you want to use the old IRs, those are included as well!

Adjust the virtual cab characteristics in our updated Cabinet effect.

New Tone Possibilities

Here are some sample FX chains now possible with Console, new amps, pedals, and our custom IRs!

Fully Portable Presets

Since Console lives in its own script tab, any FX presets you create are fully portable: not just between channels or the master track, but between different projects or even different instruments entirely! For example, if you create a killer guitar chain in Shreddage 3 Stratus, you can save that tone and import it to a future instrument like Shreddage 3 IBZ

Plus, any updates we do to Console are applied across all instruments, ensuring full compatibility even if we add new effects or controls!

Save and load channel presets between projects & instruments!

Learn More!

Want to read about all the features of Console in depth? Check out the manual!

Download Console Manual (PDF)