Cinematic Synthetic Drums



Cinematic Synthetic Drums
Sub-rumbling ensemble hits. Brutal snares. High-tech thips. CSD all the rhythmic tools a modern composer needs for hybrid orchestral/electronic scores, created from scratch with multiple synthesis types and processing. Did we mention it’s FREE?


Cinematic Synthetic Drums – Key Features
  • 100% unique synthetic sounds
  • No drum machines or re-used material
  • Pre-processed and ready to drop into a mix
  • Over 50+ individual sounds
  • 10x RR layers per drum
  • Bonus drones, textures, reverses and bass drops
  • Custom scripted UI with FX, mixer and ensemble maker

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The concept for Cinematic Synthetic Drums (or simply, “CSD”) was simple enough: many modern film, TV and game scores use a rich variety of both acoustic and electronic material. In particular, composers often seek crisp electronic drums that fit nicely alongside orchestral and melodic synth sounds. However, most electronic drum libraries consist of rehashed drum machine sounds as opposed to new and exciting material. So, we made our own, using subtractive synthesis, FM, wavetable, additive and many other types of sound generation and mangling techniques.

Every drum hit has 10x variations and a smooth, snappy velocity response. We created multiple categories of sounds, all mapped intuitively across the keyboard menu-style: bassy hits/kicks, snares and mid/high-range hits, hats, thips, splashes, and crashes. We also included custom bass drops (great for trailers!) and even a set of textural sounds like bass drones, big reverses, and stabs. All drums are 100% synthesized from scratch – we’re talking entirely new material. No tired drum machines or rehashed recordings.

The best part of CSD is its price: a mere zero dollars and zero cents. The honest truth is that we created this library because, well, we wanted to use it ourselves. So, we figured, why not share it with you? We hope you’ll enjoy CSD and use it in many of your own compositions, be they film scores, game soundtracks, pop, trance, dubstep or anything in between!

Note: By downloading CSD, you will be added to our customer database so you can be periodically notified of new samples, updates, patches, etc!

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The demos below showcase Cinematic Synthetic Drums in a variety of contexts. “Dressed” demos incorporate other instrumentation, while “Naked” or unlabeled demos feature nothing but Cinematic Synthetic Drums. Enjoy!

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To accompany this arsenal of 65+ sounds, CSD includes a custom scripted UI. Each individual drum has its own individual pitch and volume control, along with global controls for pitch, volume and release. Five special FX keyswitches allow for live triggering of distortion, amping, bitcrushing, phasing and rotation, while an ensemble-maker turns single hits into thunderous groups. Plus, the library is lightweight; only a few hundred megabytes requiring very little RAM.

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Introduction and Patch Walkthrough


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Below are required & recommended system specs for Cinematic Synthetic Drums.

  • Requires KONTAKT 4 (full version) or higher for Kontakt patch
  • Raw WAVs are also provided
  • Requires 300mb of disk space

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All sounds pre-mixed and ready to go.


Kicks, snares, hats, drones, drops and more.


Absolutely no charge, and no catch.



Impact Steel

Impact: Steel is a highly expressive percussion library containing metal hits and “found” percussive sounds, sampled and programmed with a level of detail normally reserved for acoustic drum kits. Now updated to version 2!

More InfoBuy


Intuitive, easy keyboard mapping.


Sounds great with other ‘epic perc’ sounds.

Special FX

Includes bonus big hits and textures.



Groove Bias

Relive an era of classic drum sounds where funk was king! With three old-school drumkits recorded through all analog gear, tape, and vintage mics, you’ll never sample an old drum break again!

More InfoBuy

Three Kits

Each with a distinct custom sound.


Recorded with old-school gear & tape.


Uses standard general MIDI mapping!



Forest Frame Drums

Three hand-made traditional animal skin drums, exquisitely sampled with a deep, earthy and warm tone. Ideal for world music, underscore, and even epic cues!

More InfoBuy


Dozens of playing techniques used.


Up to 6x v / 15x RR per note.


Articulations sensibly mapped.



ReForged: Cinematic Metallic Sound Design

An ultra-expressive and deep collection of found metallic percussion recorded in the Welsh countryside, accompanied by a treasure trove of sound design material: cinematic impacts, textures, atmospheres, loops, beds, tonal elements and beyond. Presented in a sleek, modern KONTAKT synth engine as well as WAV/REX2!

More InfoBuy

Two Worlds

Beautiful natural & designed


Kontakt & WAV collection included


Lots of presets for creativity



Shreddage Drums

The ultimate drum instrument for rock & metal has arrived for KONTAKT and KONTAKT PLAYER! Created in collaboration with award-winning composer & producer Frank Klepacki, SHREDDAGE DRUMS is loaded with an arsenal of drum kits to take your productions to the next-level, plus ultra-deep mixing and mapping for total customization.

More InfoBuy


25,000+ samples

Full Control

Create your own mix/mapping


Dozens of kits out of the box


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