Shou Drum


Shou Drum - Overview

Shou Drum
A beautiful tuned drum handcrafted from tempered steel and performed with a variety of articulations and mallets. The Shou Drum’s pure tone is perfect for atmospheric music, film & game scoring, evolving textures, and ambient moods. A wonderfully unique instrument sure to inspire your compositions!


Shou Drum – Key Features
  • Two intimate mic positions
  • Five round robin (RR) variations per note
  • Three types of mallets
  • Brushed & finger articulations included
  • Percussive strikes and noises
  • Suite of designed textures
  • Beautiful UI with polyphonic arp
  • Custom microtuning engine & presets
  • WAVs available for tweaking & design

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Shou Drum - Audio Demos

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Shou Drum - Interface

The Shou Drum features a classy, elegant interface offering key controls for tweaking the instrument’s tone, as well as some powerful sequencing features. Volume, tuning, mic mix, transposition, and both volume & pitch envelopes can be modified from the main page. The other tabs offer a powerful combination poly-arpeggiator, sequencer, and gate, plus a custom microtuning engine, and a four-slot FX rack.


The poly arp is quite powerful, offering many possible modes for performance and sequencing. With “Use MIDI Pitch”, the engine will arpeggiate held MIDI notes, using the Velocity & Length tables to modify each step. Alternatively, “Use MIDI Vel” will use input velocity instead. The “Gate” mode toggles a trance gate, useful for rhythmic pulses without retriggering samples. The Pitch table is used to create custom note sequences based on each played note.

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Shou Drum - Videos

Introduction and Walkthrough


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Shou Drum - System Requirements

Download the Shou Drum product manual.

Below are required & recommended system specs for Shou Drum.

  • FULL VERSION of Kontakt 5.1+ (NOT Player)
  • 1.5GB disk space
  • 2GB RAM
  • WAV files available

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