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Acoustic Revolutions 1
The first collection in a series of affordable, highly-usable acoustic guitar loop libraries! Perfect for the adult contemporary genre, as well as modern pop, easy listening, soft rock and underscore.


Acoustic Revolutions 1 - Key Features
  • Over 280 loops
  • Unique tunings and chord voicings
  • Multiple keys and tempos
  • 3/4, 4/4, 4/4 swing and 6/8
  • Bonus processed/FX loops
  • Single chord strums
  • Mutes and harmonics
  • Recorded using custom-tuned 6-string Ibanez with Phosphor bronze strings

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This library was designed, performed, recorded and edited by composer/producer Jimmy "Big Giant Circles" Hinson. Jimmy brings his experience as a TV composer with hundreds of cues under his belt for hit shows on networks like HGTV, WE, DIY and Animal Planet, among others. You may also know his music from a little video game called Mass Effect 2!

So, what makes this library great? For one, all loops have been performed in unique, non-standard tunings, enabling rich chords and progressions that are just not possible on a single guitar otherwise. Next, the loops are divided into highly useful construction sets according to tempo, style and key, eliminating wasted time previewing loops that won't fit your project. Finally, there are some beautiful modern progressions and patterns that will keep you grounded on the contemporary edge of acoustic music in the style of artists like the Goo Goo Dolls, Dave Matthews, Vertical Horizon, etc.

This collection is great for anyone working on modern pop, AC, easy listening or soft rock productions, but it's also a fantastic tool for TV, film, game and ad composers. We understand the need for high-quality, FLEXIBLE loops that do not require excessive trimming or mixing, as well as the need for sounds that match modern trends. If you're looking to add the right acoustic edge to your tracks, check this one out!

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The demos below showcase Acoustic Revolutions 1 in a variety of contexts. Demos may incorporate other instrumentation, but the guitar strums are nothing but Acoustic Revolutions 1. Enjoy!

Acoustic Revolutions was recorded using a gorgeous blend of true tube mic warmth and ultra-clear DI through a high-end preamp in a small, acoustically-treated space. The result is a beautiful sound that can be used in a wide range of productions with minimal EQ or compression needed. As the recording is primarily dry (and blended with DI input) you can use your own reverb to mix the library in the space of your choosing.

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Loops Overview in Stylus RMX (SAGE) Format


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Below are required & recommended system specs for Acoustic Revolutions 1.

  • Requires 400MB disk space
  • WAV, REX2 and SAGE (Stylus RMX) formats

Download the Acoustic Revolutions Volume 1 manual here.

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