Acoustic Revolutions 1

The first collection in a series of affordable, highly-usable acoustic guitar loop libraries! Perfect for the adult contemporary genre, as well as modern pop, easy listening, soft rock and underscore.

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280+ Loops

Categorized by tempo, key, progression.


ACIDized WAV, REX2 and SAGE (RMX).

Warm Sound

A blend of true tube mic and direct-in.



Shreddage Classic S2X Expansion

The brutal SG Standard sound of the original Shreddage 1, supercharged and ported to the advanced Shreddage 2 engine! Now you can use the ultra-aggressive rhythm guitar sound set that started it all with ALL-NEW programming and advanced features.

NOTE: This product requires Shreddage II!

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Shreddage Complete

Forged from the hammer of Ragnarok, Shreddage was designed to be the most realistic and flexible electric guitar sound for rock and metal. Combined with its expansion Shreddage X, you get a full range of articulations from palm and aggressive mutes to powerchords, vibrato, harmonics, pinch squeals, pick scrapes, neck slides, portamento slides, chordstops, and much more. Available for Kontakt + SFZ!

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DI Tone

Create your own custom signal chain.


No complex MIDI CCs or keyswitches – easy to play.

Amp Included

Comes with Peavey ReValver HPse and custom presets.



Shreddage Bass: Picked Edition

A pure, powerful bass guitar library suitable for floor-crumbling, core-shaking and mammoth riding. Features a killer, flexible DI tone straight from a Music Man Sterling that is perfect for rock and metal, as well as jazz, disco, electronica or even pop.

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DI Tone

Customize your own signal chain with amps and FX.


Sits perfectly in a mix right out of the box.

Picks and Mutes

Mix and match playing techniques.



Shreddage 2

The ultimate rock/metal electric guitar instrument is here! Shreddage II covers the entire range of lead AND rhythm playing – every fret, every string, and tons of articulations. A powerful interface allows for easy playing and deep customization. With the included Kontakt Player and ReValver HPse, you’ll have everything you need to SHRED. Now includes Shreddage 2X update!

Legacy Shreddage 1 owner? Upgrade!

Get the S2X update!

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Total Sampling

Every fret, every string, tons of techniques


Intelligent customizable script with 40+ controls


Includes Kontakt Player – full Kontakt not required!



Archtop: Hollowbody Electric Guitar

A supremely versatile archtop electric guitar, perfectly suited for both clean and amped playing. Capable of styles ranging from jazz, funk, blues and R&B to rock, pop and more. Powered by and compatible with the free KONTAKT PLAYER plugin!

“A fabulous-sounding guitar captured to near-perfection with articulations and noises for supreme realism of performance.” – 9/10, Computer Music July 2014.

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Deep-sampled velocity layers and subtle noises.


The authentic sound of a classic hollowbody guitar!


Customize your own mapping, FX, pedals and settings.


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