Acoustic Revolutions 1

The first collection in a series of affordable, highly-usable acoustic guitar loop libraries! Perfect for the adult contemporary genre, as well as modern pop, easy listening, soft rock and underscore.

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280+ Loops

Categorized by tempo, key, progression.


ACIDized WAV, REX2 and SAGE (RMX).

Warm Sound

A blend of true tube mic and direct-in.



Archtop: Hollowbody Electric Guitar

A supremely versatile archtop electric guitar, perfectly suited for both clean and amped playing. Includes two blendable pickups and lots of articulations, making this a great instrument for styles ranging from jazz, funk, blues and R&B to rock, pop and more. Powered by and compatible with the free KONTAKT PLAYER plugin!

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Deep-sampled velocity layers and subtle noises.


The authentic sound of a classic hollowbody guitar!


Customize your own mapping, FX, pedals and settings.



Celestia: Heavenly Sound Design

The ideal tool for atmospheric, ethereal, haunting, and evocative instruments! Over 550 hand-crafted sounds ranging from acoustic instruments and textures, to hybrid synths, morphs, pads and beyond. Includes a slick, modern synthesis engine with deep editing and infinite ways to customize your sound.

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Fully featured synth / sample engine.


Inspiring UI and angelic sounds.


750+ presets & sound sources.



Cinematic Synthetic Drums

Sub-rumbling ensemble hits. Brutal snares. High-tech thips. CSD all the rhythmic tools a modern composer needs for hybrid orchestral/electronic scores, created from scratch with multiple synthesis types and processing. Did we mention it’s FREE?

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All sounds pre-mixed and ready to go.


Kicks, snares, hats, drones, drops and more.


Absolutely no charge, and no catch.



Complete World Bundle

Save 30% with this bundle of world instruments! This collection features our entire line of traditional melodic & percussive instruments from Japan, India, Greece, Turkey, Kazakhstan, and beyond. Read below for the full list of included libraries. Excellent for film, TV and game scoring!

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Curio: Cinematic Toy Piano

A hidden world of sound generated from a miniature toy piano, prepared, mangled and deconstructed to create tonal textures, sweeps, ambiances, impacts, deep percussion, and more! Perfect for film, TV, and game scoring.

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Evocative timbres to set the tone of a scene.


Beautiful tines to dark textures and impacts.


1400+ WAV files for further mangling.



Forest Frame Drums

Three hand-made traditional animal skin drums, exquisitely sampled with a deep, earthy and warm tone. Ideal for world music, underscore, and even epic cues!

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Dozens of playing techniques used.


Up to 6x v / 15x RR per note.


Articulations sensibly mapped.



Groove Bias

Relive an era of classic drum sounds where funk was king! With three old-school drumkits recorded through all analog gear, tape, and vintage mics, you’ll never sample an old drum break again!

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Three Kits

Each with a distinct custom sound.


Recorded with old-school gear & tape.


Uses standard general MIDI mapping!



Impact Everything Bundle

The ultimate Impact Soundworks collection, featuring nearly our entire catalog of Kontakt instruments! Save 45% with this bundle from the list price of $1943, and get ALL of our critically acclaimed libraries – guitars, basses, ethnic instruments, tuned percussion, untuned percussion, scoring tools, sound design FX and more. A no-brainer for any composer!

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Impact Steel

Impact: Steel is a highly expressive percussion library containing metal hits and “found” percussive sounds, sampled and programmed with a level of detail normally reserved for acoustic drum kits. Now updated to version 2!

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Intuitive, easy keyboard mapping.


Sounds great with other ‘epic perc’ sounds.

Special FX

Includes bonus big hits and textures.


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