• Are all of your libraries delivered digitally?

    Yes! Within a few minutes of placing your order, you will receive links to download your purchase via email. All large files are broken up into smaller pieces for easier downloading.

  • What do I do once I download the files?

    For multi-part downloads, you only need to extract part1 to extract the entire library. The files are in RAR format; we recommend downloading WinRAR on Windows or UnRarX on Mac OSX to extract them properly!

  • My links expired, what should I do?

    No problem – just send us an email. Whether you’re having connection problems or your hard drive crashed and you need to re-download your purchase, we’d be happy to help.

  • Error - the patch is encrypted. How do I activate Shreddage 2 and Juggernaut?

    First, go to the ‘Libraries’ tab in Kontakt, hit ‘Add Library’ and find the folder where you unpacked Shreddage 2 or Juggernaut. Next, check your email for the Kontakt serial number/authorization code. Then, open Native Instruments Service Center on your computer (this is installed automatically with Kontakt or Kontakt Player). You will see Shreddage 2 or Juggernaut on the list of libraries that require authorization. Copy + paste your serial number, hit Activate, and you are good to go.

  • How do I get Acoustic Revolutions to work with Stylus RMX?

    First, locate the extracted folder labeled “Acoustic Revolutions vol 1 SAGE”. This should contain multiple subfolders like “AR vol 1 – 34 E 140bpm”.

    Next, locate where your SAGE data folder is stored. This would be something you chosen during Stylus RMX’s installation. The folder would just be labeled “SAGE” and contain three subfolders: SAGE Libraries, Shared Data, Stylus RMX.

    You’ll want to MOVE the “Acoustic Revolutions vol 1 SAGE” folder into the following subfolder:

    SAGE -> SAGE Libraries -> User Libraries.

    Once you do this, restart Stylus RMX and you should see Acoustic Revolutions available in the User Libraries menu.


  • Can I sell a library once I've purchased it?

    Generally, our License Agreement does not allow for resale of our libraries. When you purchase a sample library, you are purchasing a non-exclusive license to use the sounds for musical compositions. However, we make exceptions on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for more details!

  • Can I use your instruments on multiple computers?

    Yes! Our license is for use by individual people, so as long as YOU are the one using the libraries on multiple computers (ie. desktop, laptop, work vs. home computer), it’s totally fine.

    Please note: For Kontakt Player libraries (ie. Shreddage 2), Native Instruments does restrict the max simultaneous authorizations to 2 machines at a time.


  • Shreddage doesn't sound distorted?

    Our Shreddage guitar libraries were recorded direct-in (DI), or ‘clean’. This means that you can create whatever amplified or distorted tone you want using virtual amp sims such as ReValver HPse, which is included with each copy of the library. Furthermore, as a Shreddage owner, you are entitled to a discounted upgrade of ReValver HPse to full products like ReValver MK.III V!

  • ReValver HPse won't validate in Logic

    This is just a Logic display bug; the plugin actually will work fine if you ignore the error. However, you should download the latest version from the ‘Downloads’ tab on the official ReValver page. If the problem persists, simply INITIALIZE (delete) the default factory patch so that it’s blank. This should solve the issue.

  • How can I get the most realistic sound out of Shreddage?

    There are plenty of resources available for Shreddage users! A great place to start is the official Impact Soundworks support forum on KVR Audio. We have stickied some useful tutorial information there, and there are various threads you can easily search through to find more information.

    We also have a great selection of videos available to help learn the basics of how Shreddage Complete & Shreddage II can be sequenced, performed, processed, etc.

  • Does Shreddage work with a MIDI guitar controller (You Rock Guitar, etc)?

    The original Shreddage Complete is not ideal with a MIDI guitar controller because it is focused on the lower range of the instrument (for rhythm playing). However, especially with the free v2 update, Shreddage II responds well to MIDI guitar control. For best results, make sure “Split MIDI Channels” is enabled.

  • What's the difference between Shreddage Complete and Shreddage II?

    Shreddage 2 is a completely different product than the original Shreddage. We sampled a different guitar (Musicman JP12 7-string), greatly expanded the range and number of articulations, and added a brand new script engine. You don’t need the original to use Shreddage II.

    So, if you have Shreddage 2, is there any point in getting the original? That is your call. The original library has a very different tone. Whereas Shreddage 2 is very thick and ‘phat’, the original is thin, which in some cases can sound more ‘biting’ and aggressive. Of course, you can use EQ and tone crafting to create a custom tone in S2, but having a different guitar to work with may be beneficial as an option. Having both libraries allows you to create some ULTRA-wide, really heavy quad-tracked rhythm parts too. You might also use the original library for rhythm, and Shreddage 2 for lead.


  • Will Kontakt Player work with your libraries?

    With the exception of Shreddage II and Juggernaut (which come with Kontakt Player), you will need the FULL VERSION of Kontakt to run our Kontakt libraries. This is a limitation by Native Instruments. If you try to run our libraries in Kontakt Player, they will run, but only for 30 minutes in “demo” mode. During this time you can still edit and render, however.

  • Do your products work on PC, Mac, Pro Tools, Logic...

    Our sample libraries generally use the Native Instruments Kontakt format, unless otherwise noted. This means they will run on any computer, and in any host program, that can run Kontakt. Since Kontakt comes in VST, AU and RTAS (Pro Tools) formats, the vast majority of DAWs are supported on both operating systems.

  • What SFZ player do you recommend?

    For our SFZ-format libraries, we recommend the Sforzando plugin by Plogue. It’s lightweight, efficient, 32/64bit, and cross-platform. Another option would be LinuxSampler which is also 32/64 and cross-platform, but has a somewhat clunkier interface.

  • Do your libraries work in Mach Five, EXS-24, NN-XT, etc...

    Most of our were designed for KONTAKT. We make use of KONTAKT’s powerful scripting and editing features to provide instruments that are flexible and intuitive; because we make use of these exclusive features, we can’t recommend trying to import our library patches into other samplers. Though it is possible you could achieve the same functionality, we can’t make any guarantees as to how well the instruments will work, or if they will even work at all, in non-KONTAKT plugins.

    That being said, we do offer the following libraries in alternate formats:

    Shreddage Complete & Shreddage Bass: SFZ
    Groove Bias: NN-XT
    Acoustic Revolutions Vol 1: REX2, WAV, SAGE/RMX


  • I loaded a patch and there were missing files?

    If for some reason you load a patch and a Kontakt dialog pops up with a list of missing files, try using the “Browse” function to manually pick out the library’s “Samples” or “UI” folders (depending on what files are missing). This should solve the problem quickly. Once the files have been found and the patches have loaded, you can use the resave the patches manually, or using Kontakt’s “Batch Resave” feature, so you won’t have to do it again.

  • How do I add a library to the Kontakt libraries tab?

    With the exception of Shreddage II, none of our libraries can be added to Kontakt’s “Libraries” tab. This is because most of our libraries do not use Kontakt Player, and only Kontakt Player libraries can be added to that tab. However, you can use Kontakt’s built-in browser, database or quickload menu to access our libraries quickly and easily.

  • What's the difference between Kontakt and SFZ?

    Some of our libraries are available in both KONTAKT and SFZ formats. The SFZ format is open-source and can be used in a multitude of both free and commercial plugins. Our Kontakt libraries, on the other hand, are designed only for the full version of Kontakt. Our SFZ libraries have just about all the functionality of the Kontakt versions, but lack modwheel control (due to SFZ limitations) and thus have slightly different mapping (usually, keyswitches instead of modwheel). Additionally, while most of our Kontakt libraries have scripting and UI, SFZ does not support this natively.

    If you have Kontakt, we recommend buying the Kontakt versions of our samples. On the other hand, if Kontakt is too expensive, SFZ is a fine alternative, especially when used with free samplers like Sforzando or LinuxSampler.