Purchase & Delivery

What payment methods do you accept?
Do you offer educational or academic discounts?
Is there any sales tax or VAT?
Are your products downloadable? How are they delivered?
Can I order a physical copy of my purchase?
How do I see all the instruments I own or view past orders?
My computer crashed and I need to access my purchases again.
Do you offer refunds?

System Requirements

Can I use the free Kontakt Player plugin with your libraries?
Do your instruments work with Mach 5, Gigastudio, HALion, EXS-24...
How much RAM and hard drive space do I need?
What version of Kontakt do I need?

Installation, Activation & Setup

How do I download and extract the .RAR product files?
How do I install a NON-Kontakt Player library?
How do I install and activate a Kontakt Player library?
I didn't get a serial number, but the library is asking for one.
How do I use the WAV or MIDI loop files that came with the library?
The patch was generated by a newer version of the application?
Error - the patch is encrypted. What do I do?
The patch says DEMO, and it times out after 15 minutes.
I got an error when trying to add the library: No Library Found.

Shreddage Rock & Metal Instruments

Shreddage guitar doesn't sound distorted?
How can I get the most realistic performance out of Shreddage 2?
I get phasing when I use double-tracking in Shreddage 2.
What is Shreddage Classic?
What's the difference between Shreddage 2 and Shreddage 1?

License Agreement

Can I sell a product once I've purchased it?
Can I use your instruments on multiple computers?
Can I use your libraries to make sound effects?
Can I use your instruments to make library music?

Business Matters

Do you work with any distributors?
Do you create private or exclusive instruments?
Can I beta test your libraries or write demos?
I have a great idea for a library, can we collaborate on it?