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Our Philosophy

Intuitive Instruments

We are composers, and we know that time is money when you're on a deadline. Our instruments are designed for maximum ease-of-use and a great sound out of the box, so you can get straight to writing.

Detailed Recordings

From acoustic instruments to synthetic sounds, our libraries are always deep-sampled: exhaustive articulations, dynamic layers, round robin variations, and 'sweet-spot' recordings.

Editable Sounds

We know that no one sample library perfectly fits every workflow, and so all our products are deeply editable with features ranging from unlocked WAV files to custom mappings and user presets.

Featured composers

gregGreg Edmonson / Firefly, Uncharted series
Impact Soundworks is a tremendous resource for today's composer! Impact Steel and Resonance-Emotional Mallets are a major part of my everyday work palette. I use them daily and love them dearly - great libraries at a great price!

tomTom Salta / Halo: CE Anniversary, Tom Clancy's HAWX series
Shreddage is one of the most flexible and playable virtual electric guitar instruments I've ever used. The fact that the sounds were recorded clean without any distortion breaks the mold from most other guitar libraries and allows me to dial in the exact sound I want.

jakeJake Kaufman / Double Dragon Neon, Bloodrayne Betrayal
I play live bass on most of my tracks. I say 'most' because my immune system's idea of high comedy is crippling my left hand with arthritis when I have a deadline in 48 hours. Thanks to Shreddage Bass' meticulous attention to detail, useful articulations, and smooth playability, nobody is the wiser. I even fooled one of my ultra-pretentious Bass Friends, who tried to pretend he knew all along it was a library. Good job, ISW!